St Raphaela's Secondary School

Upper Kilmacud Road
Co Dublin
Made by ISPCC to support anti-bullying in Irish Schools. Your info goes to the school bullying admin not ISPCC.
Your data is not stored just emailed to school. Form is hosted on ISPCC site with a secure certificate.


Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy explains the type of information we collect from You, how we use that information and how it is protected.
Personal Information:
This form requests the following information from you
  • What's happening? - In your own words write what is happening. Are you being bullied or is someone else being bullied and you want to tell someone about it?
  • Which Year/Class/Group? - In what class or group is the bullying taking place?
  • Who's involved? - Who is doing the bullying? Is there just one person or is there a group? What class year are they in? You can give their names here, if you want.
  • Who was bullied? - Give the name(s) of the people being bullied
You do not have to give your name when reporting your concerns but it may help us to respond more effectively if you do. Likewise, you do not have to give your contact details but we may call you if you do. If you do not want to give your name or contact details you can send your report by dragging the Swipe to Proceed slider and then clicking the Tell Us button.

The information you enter into the form is sent directly by email to the person(s) that your school or club has nominated to receive the report, usually a teacher, principal, or year head. None of the details on the form are held on the website.

The email will contain the contents of the report you send  together with the IP address of the computer you sent the report from. The IP address may be used by our bullying authorities to stop/control spam reports.