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Jan, 2017
CEO Blog: The risks being faced online by young people are changing – that’s why the law must change too
ISPCC CEO examines recent proposals to change the law to keep children safe online
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May, 2016
Programmes for Government are unique documents – they straddle aspiration and reality; and (as in this case) they are usually the product of hard-won compromise. But they also provide an opportunity to set the tone for a new dispensation, to be visionary and to inspire change. That is what I hoped for when I read the document – my approach is to look beyond the list of programmes, and search for an aspiration for children that might amount to a step-change in the kind of childhood that we, as a society decide we want for our children.
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Nov, 2015
Now is the Moment to Invest in Childhood and Rebuild Trust in the State
As the long awaited Children First Bill finally completes its passage through the houses of the Oireachtas, rarely has the adage 'to do is to be' been more appropriate. The new law has already got significant heritage- mooted first in the Ryan report into institutional abuse, and in the years and plethora of other reports that followed, has been widely accepted as essential to rebuilding public trust in the state's ability to protect children. 

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Jul, 2015
Free GP Care for Children was a Tough Choice that Government Got Right
The introduction of universal healthcare for under 6’s is a great day for children and ISPCC Childline is strongly supporting, and indeed loudly welcoming the move.  Quelle surprise, you might say.  It's hardly a bolt from the blue to find the national child protection and welfare charity in favour of a public policy position that will improve the health of children.
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Jun, 2015
CEO Blog: Ireland has newly found fame as a country with a progressive agenda- can we live up to the hype?
While the scale of the turnout in the Marriage Equality referendum and the nature of the result has surprised many, I have been equally astounded at the international attention it has afforded Ireland.
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May, 2015
CEO Blog: Marking National Volunteer Week
Marking National Volunteer Week, Chief Executive of the ISPCC Grainia Long counts the volunteer base as among the ‘pleasant surprises’ she has found in her new organisation
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Apr, 2015
CEO Blog: Acting Out Of My Comfort Zone
The joy of a new job is - for me- the mix of excitement and mild terror that comes from learning about a brand new organisation- how it ticks, what works and what needs reform.  Not to mention, in my case, a new area of public policy, having spent nearly fifteen years working in housing.  I like being out of my comfort zone.  In my experience, a CEO benefits from being clear about what they know, and what they don’t.   The trick is to find seriously talented people to work alongside, and by complementing each other, you can really achieve things.
So I'm learning countless new things each day.  For example, this blog could also have been entitled 'Everything I Thought I Knew About Physical Punishment of Children Was Wrong'.
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Mar, 2015
CEO Blog: Child and Family Relationships Bill 2015
Fresh to the role, new ISPCC CEO Grainia Long outlines her first impressions of a children's sector - and legal system- facing radical change.
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