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Talking to Your Child About Their Body
It is fair to say that we all have very different attitudes to talking about our body and body parts. It is the same for our children.
Raising Physically Healthy Children

In order to raise healthy children it is important to look after our children’s physical health as this can help to prevent our children from developing illnesses. Plenty of exercise, a balanced and nutritious diet and leading a healthy lifestyle all contribute to our physical health. 

Supporting Your Child Through Puberty

Puberty is the term used to describe the time in life when boys and girls become sexually mature and begin the process of transitioning from child to adult. Puberty is a time when there are lots of changes happening for your child which can be overwhelming for them and for you as a parent too. Puberty causes physical, sexual, social and emotional changes for children.

Physical Well-being

Parents raising their children face many challenges.  A positive approach from parents through the various transitions in the lives of children and young people may help you improve your overall sense of well-being.  

Drugs and Alcohol

Addiction rates of drug and alcohol use have never been higher in modern society. This abuse can destroy families and severely impact on the families functioning and impair relationships.  When it is the case of a parent with the addiction, children can suffer and this can affect their emotional and physical well-being.  Parents can fail to provide for their children’s basic needs while they struggle with their addiction.

Body Image

Supporting children and young people with their body image.

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