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Family Homelessness

Traditionally the majority of homeless people were single and often living in urban areas, particularly in Dublin, however now the crisis has spread to all parts of the country with a rapid increase in the number of families becoming homeless. 
According to latest research from Focus Ireland, there are currently 1,754 families (with 3,824 children) accessing emergency accommodation.  

Separation and Divorce

Supporting Children During Separation and Divorce

The rates of separation and divorce in Ireland are rising, with the most recent Central Statistics Office figures showing that there are over 87,704 separated or divorced persons living in households with children. 
The reasons for separation or divorce are extremely varied and can be quite complex. Some couples feel that separating would be the best decision in the long run for both themselves and their children.

Coping with Loss

What is loss?
Loss can come in a number of forms. People can experience loss through separation and divorce, as well as through  the death of a loved one.

Response to loss
Each person has a unique response to coping with their experience of loss. Often, the family or the wider community can provide all the necessary supports for a person who has experienced a loss.  The grieving process is not linear and each person’s journey will be different. 

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