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Children’s Use of Internet-Enabled Devices 

Smartphones and other internet-enabled devices like smartphones, ipods, tablets and gaming consoles have become part of everyday life for many people and as a result many children are receiving their first device at a younger age than ever before.

Giving your child their first internet-enabled device can be daunting. While it can be a great way to keep in contact, it can also bring worries about who they are talking to, what they are watching and who they are texting.  

At what age should I give my child their own internet-enabled device?

Helping Your Child Keep Safe Online

One of the main concerns a parent has regarding their child’s online life is the potential exposure to inappropriate content online.  Having access to such a vast array of content can be hugely beneficial but it can be a real challenge for parents in terms of managing any potential risks.  And while there are some potential risks there are also many things you as a parent can do to safeguard your child while they are online.

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