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Children’s Use of Internet-Enabled Devices 

Smartphones and other internet-enabled devices like smartphones, ipods, tablets and gaming consoles have become part of everyday life for many people and as a result many children are receiving their first device at a younger age than ever before.

Giving your child their first internet-enabled device can be daunting. While it can be a great way to keep in contact, it can also bring worries about who they are talking to, what they are watching and who they are texting.  

At what age should I give my child their own internet-enabled device?

Helping Your Child Keep Safe Online

One of the main concerns a parent has regarding their child’s online life is the potential exposure to inappropriate content online.  Having access to such a vast array of content can be hugely beneficial but it can be a real challenge for parents in terms of managing any potential risks.  And while there are some potential risks there are also many things you as a parent can do to safeguard your child while they are online.


What is Sharenting?

‘Sharenting’ is a combination of the words ‘parent’ and ‘sharing’ and is a term used to describe the over-use of social media by parents to share information online relating to their children such as pictures, information and private moments. 

A child’s digital footprint very often now begins when they are in the womb. Many parents choose to announce their pregnancy news on social media using their baby’s first scan picture. 

Exposure to Inappropriate Content Online

One of the main concerns a parent may have around their child’s online activity is potential exposure to inappropriate content.

Having access to the vast array of content and information which the online world presents carries many benefits, as well as risks. While there are some potential dangers to children online,  there are many things you as a parent can do to help ensure your child is safe. 


What is Inappropriate Content?

5 Steps To Get Parents Online Ready

ISPCC Childline, in partnership with the Vodafone Ireland Foundation, have developed a guide to '5 Steps to Get Parents Online Ready'.

You can download the document here

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Keeping yourself informed on the latest popular apps and their functions will not only help you understand your children's online activity, but will also help your communication with them.

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