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Anti-Bullying Programmes

The ISPCC offers a range of free anti-bullying resources to schools in Ireland.
ISPCC Shield My School Self Evaluation Tool – This is an evidence-informed resource to allow schools to evaluate their management of bullying. By completing the tool schools will have a clearer understanding of where their strengths are with regard to effective management of bullying, however it will also clearly identify areas for improvement. By the end of the self –evaluation process schools will have developed a clear plan of action based on their identified needs.  For more on Shield my school, click here.
ISPCC Shield Youth Award – This  anti-bullying project competition is open to all second -level students and community groups. It provides a fantastic opportunity to develop your students’ awareness of the impact certain behaviours can have on others, allowing them to research bullying and build real awareness, as well as focusing on personal development, innovation, and creativity, business and marketing skills. As part of the project the students plan a fundraising project to support both their school and the ISPCC’s Shield Anti Bullying programme, the proceeds of which are divided 50/50 between your school and the ISPCC.  The finals of the competition are held in a boardroom situation, in front of a group of well-known entrepreneurs.
To register for the Shield Youth Award or for further information contact  our Schools Liaison Officer Monica Rowe:
ISPCC Standing Up Online Form –This allows students or any other concerned individual to report bullying incidents via an online form to the anti-bullying coordinator.  This report from will be accessible on the school’s website and users of the report form can identify themselves or they can choose to remain anonymous.
ISPCC Shield Flag –  The pinnacle achievement of The Shield Programme is the attainment of the ISPCC Shield Flag. When a school flies the Shield Flag it shows the local community that the school is proactive on the issue of bullying and has taken an evidence-informed approach to the management and prevention of bullying. Attaining the ISPCC Shield Flag is straightforward, but it requires effort and dedication to reach the criteria required. To date 20 schools have achieved the flag. To find out more click here
The ISPCC’s Director of Services, Caroline O'Sullivan, is available to advise schools and provide support and guidance on using the ISPCC’s Shield My School Self-Evaluation Tool, Standing Up Online Report Form or in applying for the ISPCC Shield Flag.  Please contact Caroline.O'