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Flag Application

The Shield Flag
ISPCC Shield Flag -The pinnacle achievement of The Shield Programme is the attainment of the ISPCC Shield Flag. When a school or organisation flies the Shield Flag it shows the local community that they are proactive on the issue of bullying and have taken an evidence-informed approach to the management and prevention of bullying. Attaining the ISPCC Shield Flag is straightforward, but it requires effort and dedication to reach the criteria required. To date 26 schools and organisations  have achieved the flag.
See below to find out more about the criteria to attain the flag.
Click image below to download pdf application for The Shield Flag.
Once achieved, the school or organisation holds the flag for two calendar years, after which renewal is required.
Steps to attain the ISPCC Shield Flag
Step 1:
Full completion of the ISPCC’s Shield Self- Evaluation Tool (this self-assessment task will take a minimum of two hours).
Step 2:
Full completion of all the actions identified as a result of completing the Shield My School Self-Evaluation tool.
The ‘Summary of Action Plan’ needs to be sent to the ISPCC. This must include the details of what actions were identified through the process and when exactly they were completed.
Step 3: For schools: the Anti-Bullying Policy must be in line with the Department of Education and Skills’ Anti-Bullying Procedures and signed off by the Board of Management.
Clubs, early years services, afterschool services and any other organisations: the anti-bullying policy  must be in line with your relevant governing body’s requirements and be signed off by your board.
Step 4:
Every service/organisation wishing to apply for the Shield flag must assign either an Anti-Bullying Coordinator or Anti Bullying Committee.
This person/group must be responsible for the following:
·         Coordinating/ planning any proactive and preventative activities in relation to bullying.
·         Responsibility to ensure the issue of bullying is kept on the agenda at all staff/volunteer team meetings.
·         To receive and respond to any bullying reports concerns via the online report tool in line with the services anti-bullying policy.
·         They also are to respond and log any bullying concerns that are presented to them

Step 5:
Additionally this online report tool will need to be explained and advertised to the whole community. In particular children, young people, parents/guardians will need to be made aware of its availability and of its functio

Step 6
Any school, service or organisation applying for the Shield Flag needs to provide evidence that they have held either a themed week or event to promote positive behaviours, including respect, empathy, understanding, inclusion and care for each other. Organisations are encouraged to not only have children /young people involved in the planning and participation of these activities but the inclusion of parents/ guardians in these activities is also encouraged.
This event should be planned as an annual activity.

Step 7
Complete the ISPCC Flag Application form and send a signed copy to the ISPCC Anti-Bullying Coordinator for review:
For signed scanned copies:
For signed hard copies:  Helen Mortimer, ISPCC Galway, Unit 4, Galway Retail Park, Headford Road, Co.Galway