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Install 'Stand Up'

Please follow the prompts and instructions below to set up your school or club for the Stand Up Bullying Reporting Tool.
This form allows the reporting of bullying concerns to be made by individuals who may be directly involved in or witness to bullying. It is entirely confidential. No one else will have access to the information contained in the report. The Stand Up to Bullying Reporting Tool allows for a quick, easy and secure method to let your school / club know of any bullying concerns.

1. View a Demo of what your School/Club's Report Tool will look like

View a Demo of what your School/Club's Report Tool will look like
This is what the button looks like. It opens your form as a separate page, which you can link to from anywhere e.g. share the link from your Facebook page.

2. Show your Principal/Youth Leader & explain the tool

3. Update your Anti-bullying Policy

Update your Anti-bullying Policy
Update your anti-bullying policy to include the Stand-Up to bullying report form.

4. Fill in the form

Fill in the form
Complete your school or club form below.

5. Verification

An ISPCC staff member will contact you to confirm you are from a registered school or club and to check all relevant details needed to create the "Stand-up to bullying" reporting form.

6. Integrate the tool

Integrate the tool
The ISPCC can set up your own "Report a bullying incident" tool for your school or club which is embedded in a page on your website. We will also set this up on our website to which you can create a link where bullying reports can be made.

7. Inform the students and or youths

Inform the students and or youths
We will email you the details of the reporting tool once all relevant sections are completed. When you have your Stand Up Buullying Report tool setup on your website please ensure students, parents and wider community members are made aware of this new bullying reporting measure.

Setup your school or club with this enquiry form

Fill in your school or club's details below. An ISPCC staff member will phone you back to confirm your details. We aim to respond in 3 working days. Once we confirm your details we will setup your tool and then email you the setup code to embed the form on a page on your site, or you can insert a button that links to the form.
If we have not called you back within 3 days please phone us  on 01 6767 960 and ask to speak to a member of the anti-bullying team.

Your Full Name *

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School/Club has already setup a bullying report tool. Ring us to ask for more details or the setup code

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