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The mentoring programme develops a young person's self esteem and social skills through support and encouragement from a volunteer mentor.
Our Mentoring services are evidence based and empower young people to make positive social connections with others. Mentors actively support young people to communicate difficulties helping them to relate more effectively to others.  Having an improved social network and social support system acts as a buffer in times of stress helping to ensure the child has added resilience in times of adversity.
Parent mentoring services increase the capacity of families to care for, and meet the needs of their children.  We intervene early in difficult situations with parents, and work at their pace to ensure a manageable problem doesn’t become one which overwhelms the whole family.  Click here to find out more about Parent Mentoring

Children or parents are matched with a volunteer mentor for periods of up to one year and they receive one-to-one time, guidance and support throughout this period and afterwards through our tracking service.
How does it work?
The Mentor spends time with the young person each week to chat, have fun and to help the young person overcome any difficulties he/she may have.
Through working together the young person is encouraged to find new ways of dealing with difficulties such as talking to others, managing stress and breaking down a problem into manageable steps. These skills help the young person to overcome any difficulties they face now and gives them the coping skills to deal with and bounce back from any challenges they may face in the future.       
How to access this support
If you would like to refer a child or know more about this service please contact your local ISPCC office or our Head Office on 01 6767960.