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"The ISPCC has consistently urged robust regulation of charities"- ISPCC CEO Grainia Long on Console

Jun, 2016
The ISPCC is deeply concerned at allegations of poor governance and financial mismanagement at Console.  As a national charity we believe passionately in the importance of open, transparent charity management – and like the vast majority of organisations in this sector, we work hard to ensure we have fit for purpose governance, leadership and scrutiny.  We also believe passionately in the importance of high-quality outcomes-focused services.  We support the welcome steps being taken to review and re-establish internal controls in Console with the aim of ensuring continued confidence in its services – and most importantly, in the interests of the people it serves.
As the national child protection charity, the ISPCC has consistently urged robust regulation of charities – and has in particular welcomed recent changes to company law, charity law and accountancy practice that will enable open, transparent and accountable management of charities.  However, we have been disappointed at the delay in commencing key provisions of the Charities Act that would give powers to the regulator to initiate investigations. It is our view that the regulator must urgently be better resourced to provide clear statutory and non-statutory guidance in the establishment, management and scrutiny of charities. 
ISPCC CEO Grainia Long said: "All charities exist in the public interest –  to deliver a service to people in need.  Our purpose is to make peoples’ lives better. It is appalling, and deeply sad, that public trust in charities could again be damaged because of the actions of a small number of people who may have chosen to disregard the law and good practice.  In these circumstances the loss is usually felt most keenly by the people who use the services of the charities.  I hope in this instance that members of the public will continue to support charities as they have always done.  Anyone with any questions should visit the website of charities they support to seek information on financial management, governance and service standards". 
The ISPCC’s website contains full corporate information on how we are governed, on our financial statements/annual reports and key facts and information on salaries.  If you have any questions on how our organisation is run, you can email and we will respond within three working days.