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ISPCC highlight the urgent need for a national strategy on children's cyber safety

Oct, 2017
The ISPCC has reiterated its call for the development of a National Strategy on Children’s Cyber Safety to ensure that children are better protected online.
The ISPCC is increasingly concerned about the extent to which children and young people are exposed to exploitation and harm online. Children and young people in 2017 spend a significant amount of time online but there is no national government strategy that seeks to ensure they are protected and well-equipped to navigate this world safely.
While we are firm believers in the positive impact that technology and social media is having, our work with children and young people has also convinced us that, as a society, we are failing to prepare children to identify risks online, to cope when harm takes place, and to empower children and young people to stay safe online.
Over the last number of years, Childline has received calls from young people who are concerned about their safety online. Calls related to bullying, intimidation, exploitation or the fallout of sending a sexualised image and all of these can be extremely distressing for a child.
The ISPCC has carried out significant work over the last number of years to identify the key areas in relation to education, law reform and industry where action is needed. 
In order to address what is often considered the child protection issue of our time, it is essential that government, state agencies, NGOs, industry and parents join together in a coordinated effort to ensure children are better protected.