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ISPCC Pre-Budget Submission

Sep, 2017
There are 14 recommendations in total, some of which include;
  • Investment in the Child and Family Agency and Social Work Services.
  • Investment in directly accessible, comprehensive, 24 hour social work services.
  • Implementation of the recommendations in the Report on the Working Group on Ireland’s Asylum  and Protection  Process be resourced in full.
  • A clear investment in children’s cyber safety education, with a commitment to publishing a national strategy on children’s cyber safety.
  • Adequate funding be provided for both the development of Mental Health Clinical Programme; Dual Diagnosis: mental illness and co-morbid substance misuse and for excellent service provision.
  • Ensure that young people in need of CAMHS support, regardless of the time of day or day of the week, are not further compounded by unacceptable waiting times.
  • Alongside the review of Rebuilding Ireland, the implementation of a targeted plan that phases out the use of hotels and B&B emergency accommodation as well as the introduction of legislation to limit its use, as has been achieved in other jurisdictions. In addition, work must continue apace, as a matter of priority, to ensure that more permanent and secure housing can be sourced for families.
  • The proposed child and family court service facilities at Hammond Lane in Dublin should be fully funded an prioritised in budget 2018.