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The ISPCC Encourages Parents To Talk With Their Children About Online Safety This Summer

Jul, 2017
The ISPCC Encourages Parents To Talk With Their Children About Online Safety This Summer
With children across Ireland now on their much-longed for summer holidays, the ISPCC is encouraging parents/guardians to talk with their children about online safety.  School holidays afford children the time and space to partake in activities they enjoy, with fewer time-restraints or other commitments to consider. Many children use online apps and services and networks to catch-up with their family abroad, keep in touch with their friends, challenge others in gaming. Other children may have recently received their first phone or tablet and will be using the summer holidays to get to grips with all its features.
The ISPCC, in partnership with Vodafone Ireland Foundation[1] are reminding parents and carers of guidelines launched earlier this year to help parents ensure their children are safer online.
The ‘BE CUTE’ recommendations include tips and key insights for parents including:
·         Build trust with your child to understand their online activity 
·         Educate yourself and your child on the online world 
·         Communication is key – establish an open dialogue with your             child 
·         Utilise safety features already in place
·         Technology – embrace the benefits 
·         Eyes open – keep an eye out for any changes in your child's                behaviour 
Caroline O’Sullivan, ISPCC Interim CEO said: “During the school summer holidays parents can often look for ideas to keep their children entertained. Today, the ISPCC is reminding parents of these online safety guidelines and encouraging their use, to start the conversation with their children about online safety.  From establishing an appropriate amount of screen time, reminding them about privacy settings, and helping them to understand safe online behaviours, parents have a huge role to play. Children love it when they know how to do something adults don’t; create the opportunity for them to show-off their skills! We encourage parents to get creative when talking about this and to let their children show them what they know.
The ISPCC has called on the government to develop a National Cyber Safety Strategy for Children to ensure they are better protected online. Key elements needed in this strategy are law reform, education measures and industry regulation.  The ISPCC will continue to campaign on this important issue.

The Vodafone Ireland Foundation and ISPCC Childline have a five-year partnership with the joint vision of keeping children safe by keeping them connected.