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Emma McCluskey, Interim Childline Regional Manager


Emma McCluskey has worked with the ISPCC for 11 years. She commenced in role as a staff call child facilitator, working on the front line taking calls from children, and moved to the role of national training and recruitment officer with her primary focus being on recruitment and training of volunteers at a national level.  For two years, up until September 2018 Emma has been in the role of supervisor and best practice officer, ensuring quality of service to children across the organisation. Since September of this year Emma has taken on the role of the Regional Childline Manager, supporting Childline’s five regional offices.

Some of the recent projects Emma has been involved in are the support on the implementation  of the  GDPR for Childline, the development of phase one of the Childline digital platform, and the Childline Talking Makes Us Stronger  ‘Headbomz’ campaign, supported by our philanthropic funder, the Vodafone Ireland Foundation.

Emma holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Cognitive Psychology, a degree in Human Resource Management and a Diploma in Childcare. She has also received training in Children First, and in ASIST and SafeTalk. Her particular interests are child protection (progression of social media on this and early intervention resilience models in children.

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