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  • Suicide
    It can feel very difficult to discuss the topic of suicide with children. However, suicide is something we need to be able to talk about. Having an open and honest conversation about the topic with children is both healthy and important.  
  • School Struggles
    School can be a challenging environment. Some children and young people struggle with school and this can lead to poor performance and a lack of sense of wellbeing which they should freely enjoy.
  • My Child is Self-harming
    Self-harm is when someone intentionally hurts, cuts or injures themselves. For some people, self-harm is a way of coping with difficult or overwhelming feelings.
  • Talking to Your Child About Their Body
    It is fair to say that we all have very different attitudes to talking about our body and body parts. It is the same for our children.
  • Parental Mental Health

    Minding our mental health involves taking care of ourselves to avoid becoming overwhelmed by everyday stresses or sudden traumas. Managing our responses to these events can help us to cope in our everyday lives. 

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