Protecting children 24 hours a day

Behavioural & Emotional Support

The service
The ISPCC provides a free, comprehensive, community based one to one support service (including out of hours access) to children and young people who may be experiencing emotional and behavioural difficulties. This is provided by professional ISPCC support workers.
Children and families come to us with a wide range of issues, they are often in a crisis situation and we are here 24 hours a day to respond to them.  Working with, and empowering children and families to overcome problems and lead happier healthier lives is just part of what we do.  We actively target improving social inclusion through building connections and supporting relationships within families, giving them the skills to build a brighter future for their children.

Our approach
Our approach is to build upon individual strengths and acknowledge the central role of children in decision making.  The active participation of families is built into each intervention plan ensuring that our work makes a lasting difference in the life of each child we work with.  Our intervention plans are tailor-made to suit the needs of each individual child with support sessions available in the home or ISPCC centre during the day or out of hours.
How does it work?
The service aims to intervene to provide children and young people with the necessary supports to promote psychological resilience and maintain their psychological well being, regardless of social or emotional background.  Anyone concerned about a child can make a referral to the service. This includes parents, professionals and young people themselves.
Putting you in control
The service is for and owned by children, which means:
  • The child can decide if they want to meet with us
  • The child can talk to an ISPCC worker face-to-face, on the telephone or over the web.
  • The child works with us to put a plan in place which will provide support to them in overcoming difficulties in their life
Visits happen weekly and usually last for about 12 months, but this can change to suit the needs of each child.
Support is provided in a number of ways 
Face-to-face support
This can be in the child’s home, school or other place they choose.  We meet with the child weekly in a place in which they feel comfortable to meet with us.
Telephone support
This allows the child to make contact with us without needing to meet face to face. As children and teenagers today use the phone to communicate, this kind of support allows children to feel more comfortable engaging with the service.
Web based support
Many children today are used to communicating through the internet and therefore may feel more comfortable talking about what is going on for them using the web. Web counselling can also make it easier for children who live away from local services to get the support they need.
How to access this support
If you would like to refer a child or know more about this service please contact your local ISPCC office or our Head Office on 01 6767960.
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