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ISPCC Mentoring ServicesThe ISPCC offers a parent mentoring support service to increase parents confidence and better meet their children’s needs.

What is Parent Mentoring?
Parent Mentoring is part of a range of supports offered by the ISPCC.  It is a special, supportive relationship between a parent/carer and a trained volunteer mentor.  This is an informal support system.

Why do some people seek Parent mentoring?
Parents seek support for a wide variety of reasons but the majority of parents seek a mentor to get support and advice around their own parenting skills.

What do Parent mentors do?
Parent Mentors support and encourage parents/carers to use positive parenting approaches with the children.  Parent mentees provide informal emotional support to parents/carers. This relationship is based on trust and respect, and the understanding that parents can benefit by communicating their feelings, insights and questions with a parent mentor.

Benefits of Parent mentoring
A parent mentor can be of huge benefit to the parent as it offers the opportunity to get informal support from a peer.
Parent mentoring can be an enormous benefit in nurturing the parent/child relationship and strengthening families.
Feedback from Parents
The ISPCC wants to make sure that Parent Mentoring is meeting the needs of parents.  Take a look at what some parents have had to say:

One parent described the service as a "God send".

‘There isn’t a thing I would like to change about <parent mentor>, she is a great person.’

‘My parent mentor is a very nice person. I look forward to her visits and she is a great help to me.’

‘I feel it is a great service. Parents can really benefit from this support network.’

Apply for parent mentoring
If a parent is interested in receiving support, check if the the service is available in the region by calling ISPCC Head Office on 01 6767960