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Stand Up Report Tool

The ISPCC Standing Up Online form  allows students or any other concerned individual to report bullying incidents via an online form to the anti-bullying coordinator.  This report from will be accessible on the school’s website and users of the report form can identify themselves or they can choose to remain anonymous.
See our video for information about the Standing Up Online Form
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Privacy Policy
The ISPCC may change this policy on occasion, and any updates or modifications will be posted on Continued use of our service will indicate that You agree to any such changes.
ISPCC is committed to ensuring that your information is safe, and any information you give us will be held in accordance with Data Protection Acts 1988-2003. You may request details of personal information which we hold about you or rectify any personal information which is incorrect or incomplete under the Data Protection Acts 1988-2003.


Personal Information:
When you complete the form to request a callback from our Anti-Bullying Coordinator, you are requested to give us details of your name, your position within your school, and your contact details (email and telephone).


An ISPCC staff member will contact you to confirm you are from a registered school and to check all relevant details needed to create the "Stand-up to bullying" reporting form for your school. During this conversation you will be asked to provide 2 additional email addresses
  • one for the person that you want to receive the setup email containing the information on how to insert the tool into your school's website, and
  • one for the email address of the person(s) that the school nominates to receive the Stand-Up Bullying Reports
The Stand Up Bullying Report Tool is a form which when embedded within your school website or school facebook page enables students and broader members of the school community to submit a report to the relevant person(s) within the school of a bullying incident they have witnessed or indeed a bullying experience they have had. This form requests the following information from the person reporting their concern(s)
  • What's happening? - this is to allow the person making the report space to describe in their own words what is concerning them in relation to bullying
  • Which Year/Class? - the class or year in which the bullying that is being reported is taking place
  • Who's involved? - all those who are involved in the bullying
  • Who was bullied? - the name(s) of the person(s) being bullied
There are two further fields which do not have to be completed. These are
  • Your name, and
  • Email / phone
These last two fields are not mandatory so that anonymous reporting is possible. We do put tooltips on these fields to let those reporting know that if they do give their name it may help the school to respond more effectively, and we say that if they give their contact details that the school may contact them if they do.

Just to reiterate, none of the information contained within the report is retained by the ISPCC. The report contents are emailed only to the person(s) nominated by the school to receive the Stand Up Bullying reports, and no trace of the content of that report is retained.

The only information that the ISPCC records and retains from the report submission process is the time/date of the report and the IP address from which the report was submitted. We do keep a count of the number of reports made to a school but not the reports themselves. This information will not be used to identify any school, this information will only be used to compile statistics from the aggregate data from all schools.