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Volunteer as a Mentor

The ISPCC offers a Mentoring service to both young people and parents in: Limerick, Clare, Galway and Castlebar, County Mayo.

Volunteers give of their time to help the ISPCC offer support to young people and adults in this way.

Youth Mentoring involves a young person being matched with a volunteer and the pair meeting weekly with the aim of first improving the young person’s social skills, before then helping the young person to learn new coping skills and improve their self-confidence.

Parent Mentoring involves parents in need of additional support being linked with a volunteer and the pair also meeting on a weekly basis. The aim of this partnership is to support the parent so they can meet the needs of their family to the best of their ability.

ISPCC Mentoring volunteers receive ongoing training and support, with weekly meetings typically of 2 – 3 hours’ duration and all expenses fully reimbursed.


More about Mentoring

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