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What does ISPCC do? I thought you just worked with kids who were being abused by their parents.


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You are very welcome to ask Robyn. We’re really glad that you have asked that as we are sure that you are not the only person who has thought that! Although we do support children and young people who have experienced abuse, be that at home or elsewhere, we have a range of services and offer support to family, children, parents, carers, and schools. 

We also offer help and support for families that are struggling and offer advice to parents who are going through a tough time. As well as a wealth of articles about mental health and wellbeing on childline.ie, we have a large selection of reading and viewing material for parents on the Parenting Hub on www.ispcc.ie/parenting-hub/  

Childline is also part of the ISPCC which is Ireland’s national helpline for children that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Childline can be contacted by children or young people online via the Childline website or by phone on 1800 66 66 66. We have digital mental health programmes, and also offer a therapeutic support service for some areas in Ireland. You can find more information about these services here: www.childline.ie/childlines-24-hour-support-line-and-other-services-explained/ 

In relation to school supports, we offer our anti bullying programme “Shield” (more info on: www.ispcc.ie/shield-anti-bullying-programme/ ) and “Smart Moves” that offers support for the transition to secondary school (more info here: www.ispcc.ie/smart-moves/ ). 

In order to provide these supports and services we are funded in many different ways one is though the donations of the public (you can click the purple “donate” box on the top right of your screen if you wish to help) and through other funding bodies. You can find more information here www.ispcc.ie/how-we-are-funded/

We hope this has answered your question. If you would like to talk more about this or have any further questions, you can contact ISPCC’s Support Line which can be contacted by email to [email protected] or by phone from Monday to Friday 9am – 1pm on 01 522 4300 . 

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