5 ways to destress after a fight with a family member


Family fights are horrible because they happen with the people we love the most!

Unfortunately, because most of us live with our families, they’re the ones we end up having the most arguments with! 

But, as we know, stress is bad for health and bodies and if rows are a regular occurrence in your household, you need to take steps to look after yourself. 

Here are few things you should do if you’ve just had a fight with a family member:  

Take some time for yourself 

You need space – both physically and mentally. If you don’t have anywhere else to go, just find another room in the house to be alone to process what happened and prevent it getting any worse. 


Do some exercise and deep breathing 

Breathing exercises are a great way to calm your mind and body. Take deep breaths for ten minutes and then once you feel more balanced, do some exercise to work off any excess adrenaline you still have floating around your system. 


Write out your feelings 

You’d be surprised how helpful it can be to type or write out what happened between you and the family member.  

Having to put it all down in coherent sentences makes you think more rationally about what happened and may even make you look at the other person’s perspective in a new light.  


Get into nature 

You’ll clear your head a lot quicker in nature than you will anywhere else. Bonus points if you can go to a green space or somewhere along the coast. 

Nothing relaxes the mind like knowing that your problems are infinitesimal in the grand scheme of things! 


Reach out for support 

Being at odds with your family can make you feel adrift and like you don’t have a support network.  

Reach out to friends that you trust to talk about what happened or check out an accredited source online that might help you deal with your problem. Even if you don’t get the advice you’re looking for, you’ll feel listened to and less alone.  

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