online video games

Online video games and children: How to control their spending

It's vital to remain aware of what your child is spending on video games and to educate them on the hidden costs of online gaming
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student study

5 ways to support your child during their exams

Exam time is a stressful period for students but it can be almost as stressful for parents and carers! However, it’s important to realise that these few weeks are all
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Heart-shaped hands

Supporting LGBTQ+ Young People

It is natural for children and young people to reflect on their identity as they develop and learn more about who they are.
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Child to Parent Violence – The Non Violent Resistance Programme (NVR)

NVR is a structured weekly program with the aim of reducing violence in the home and supporting the child to regulate their emotions.
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How to talk to your child about sex

It's the chat almost every parent wants to avoid for as long as possible but there are ways to make the 'sex chat' relatively pain-free!
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Girl on phone with back turned

7 reasons why a child might bully others online and the signs to look out for

If you're worried that your child may be bullying someone online, there are certain signs you can watch out for.
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