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What We Do

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The ISPCC is for children.

Our purpose is to listen to them, empower them, strengthen their resilience and enable them to live their best possible lives.

The ISPCC provides a range of services directly to children and families and advocates for change to enhance the lives of children in Ireland.

The ISPCC’s work is made possible through public and corporate support, as well as funding provided by government agencies for the delivery of specified services.

We Listen

Childline is the national listening service for children and young people in Ireland, and is a confidential service run by the ISPCC, by telephone, text and online.

Childline answers over 300,000 contacts every year by phone, text and web chat. Childline is one of the ISPCC’s suite of services for children and is open 365 days a year. Our volunteers come from all walks of life, and receive significant training in active listening to equip them to listen to, support and empower children.

All calls are free to the child and the cost of all telephone calls is funded by Vodafone, through a long-term partnership agreement with ISPCC Childline. Texts are free to the user on every network, and the chat service is free.

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We Support

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Our services provide children, young people and families with an active listening service and with therapeutic support. They include one to one services, where our professional staff work directly with children and families, and our mentoring services, in which volunteer mentors work with children and/or with their parents. 

The ISPCC is best known for its Childline service, which operates 24-hours a day. Our Childline website provides information and support to children. All services are free to recipients. For more information on our services, click here.

We Protect

We work to a strategic plan, which is set by the ISPCC’s Board and implemented by our team.

You can find out more about our fundraising, how to volunteer with us or how to work with us on this website.

We seek to make child protection a national priority, by advising government on policy and practice change. We work with state agencies, employers, industries, schools and other organisations to build awareness of risks to children, and ensure high standards of practice.

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