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Child & Family Support Services

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The ISPCC provides high quality preventative services based on evidence which deliver measurable outcomes for children and families. Our Child and Family Support Workers provide free one-to-one child-centred services for children, young people and parents / carers in their own home or a place of their choosing.

Service interventions are based on individual strengths and needs assessments and in partnership with the child, young person or family, we develop tailor-made intervention plans to meet their needs. Our professional services are based on a resilience model and provide children, young people and families with therapeutic support during difficult or traumatic times in their lives.

Referrals to the service in 2017 were primarily made for support for emotional and behavioural difficulties, parental separation and child / parent relationship issues.

Mentoring Programme

The ISPCC’s Mentoring Programme is unique in that it provides mentoring services to both parents and young people.

The programme aims to create a mentoring relationship between a young person or a parent and a trained adult volunteer, through which support can be provided and new opportunities for growth explored.

The mentor acts as a positive role model in the mentee’s life, which helps him / her to make positive social connections and builds upon the quality and level of social support available to him / her. This helps improve the mentee’s resilience and his / her ability to cope with current and future adversity.

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Group Programmes/Courses

The ISPCC delivers a range of various group work programmes each year. The group works/courses facilitate a safe learning and supportive environment for participants to develop skills and share experiences. Through the group setting, participants gain social support from peers, as well as an understanding and awareness of relevant issues.

Recent programmes have included:

What Works:

  • ISPCC Resilience Group Work Programme
  • Non-Violent Resistance Programme
  • Parents Plus Parenting Programme
  • Cyber safety workshops for parents and young people

If you would like to find out more about the ISPCC’s Child and Family Support Services, contact ISPCC Head Office at 01 243 2000.

Parents' Feedback

“I would just like to let you know that support give by an ISPCC Child and Family Support Worker was of great value to my son. They developed an easy rapport with my son, which can be extremely difficult to achieve. He often finds it hard to focus on a task, but as his support sessions continued I found he could focus for longer. I have been at a loss for years as to the kind of support my son would respond best to. The ISPCC’s Child and Family Support Worker really made a difference for my son and my family. Thank you!”

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