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Aug, 2017

Thomond Park will be home to a new challenge on Saturday 23rd September, with Munster fans, daredevils, thrill seekers and all those brave enough to try, invited to cast off all cares and abseil  down 40 metres, from the heights of Thomond Park, in aid of ISPCC Childline.
The abseil will take place from the West Stand, from above the media box where some of the most most exciting commentary in rugby has been delivered in matches gone by, down the front of the building. Abseilers will get a fantastic panoramic view of the iconic stadium before their descent. Though abseils have been held here before they have not used this route, which is higher and commands a more impressive challenge and view.
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Jul, 2017
The ISPCC Encourages Parents To Talk With Their Children About Online Safety This Summer
With children across Ireland now on their much-longed for summer holidays, the ISPCC is encouraging parents/guardians to talk with their children about online safety.  School holidays afford children the time and space to partake in activities they enjoy, with fewer time-restraints or other commitments to consider. Many children use online apps and services and networks to catch-up with their family abroad, keep in touch with their friends, challenge others in gaming. Other children may have recently received their first phone or tablet and will be using the summer holidays to get to grips with all its features.
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Website for Missing Children in Ireland
Website for Missing Children in Ireland