Smart Moves Explained


Smart Moves is a suite of evidence-based short sessions, led by teachers to give young people small, learnable skills (“Smart Moves”)  that increase resilience.


The programme aims to support the emotional resilience of children as they prepare to transition from primary  into  secondary school. Smart Moves can be completed by both 5th and 6th class students and is available to schools within the Republic of Ireland.


From our work in communities across Ireland, a number of schools have highlighted the desire to have further supports for their students as they make the journey to secondary school.  

Benefits of Smart Moves

  • Independently evaluated 
  • Evidence informed and supported by best practice and research around emotional resilience 

  • Free for schools 

  • Lesson plans, online videos & ongoing support from the ISPCC for teachers 

  • Teachers/parents/carers will have access to our experienced Community engagement team for specific concerns or queries about a young person transitioning into secondary school 
"Best practice tells us that students need to be supported not just before the transition but also during and after. We also note that parents/carers often need guidance currently. Our aim is to follow these students as they move into 1st year in 2022, so they can continue to engage with the Smart Moves secondary  school programme. In addition, we will also offer online tutorials to parents /carers. The long-term vision for the ISPCC is that all 6th class and 1st year students and parents/carers in Ireland will engage with and benefit from the programme leading to more successful transitions into secondary school."
Sinéad McKee
Childline Community Engagement Manager

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