How to Make Your Donation Go Further With Tax Effective Giving

It’s very simple. Just click the button below, add your name, address and PPS number and then sign the form electronically (no printing or posting required) and your donation will increase by 45%.  It’s called tax effective giving and it takes just a couple of minutes and will mean your generous donation will go much further enabling us to reach more children across Ireland.

If you have any specific queries on how tax efficient giving works then visit out FAQs section.

Feel free also to watch the video below outlining how the process works:

Let's Be There For Any Child Who Is Alone Is Suffering Reaches Out

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Tax Effective Giving FAQs

ISPCC is authorized by the Revenue Commissioners to claim tax relief on donations exceeding €250. This means that if you’ve paid tax and donated €250 or more to ISPCC in the past four years, we can claim an additional 45% in tax relief from Revenue at no extra cost to you. All we need is for you to fill out a simple form here now

You simply add a few details online and sign the form (you can sign it electonically) so the whole process should take no more than a minute or two. And if you prefer your hard-earned euros to go towards helping children across Ireland then it’s a couple of minutes well spent.  Submit the form here now

No, it does not. Claiming tax rebates on your donations will not cost you anything in tax or impact your tax status.

The tax rebate is worth 44.93% of your donation, equivalent to €112.25 on top of a €250 donation. An extra €112 could provide essential support for children in need. It’s a simple and impactful way to make your contribution go further.

At the end of the year in which your donations total €250 or more, we will send you a straightforward tax rebate form to complete, unless you have already submitted one for that period. After you send it back to us, ISPCC will claim the rebate, and once Revenue confirms you paid at least that amount in tax, they will transfer the rebate to ISPCC.

The tax you pay should at least match the tax rebates claimed by ISPCC for your donations. For instance, if you donated €1,000 to ISPCC, your tax paid for that year should be at least €449 to ensure a full rebate to ISPCC.

It doesn’t matter if you contribute to multiple charities. The tax rebate will only be claimed on the donations made to ISPCC. You can send the form to each charity individually.

Direct donations qualify for tax relief, while sponsorship donations to a friend, raffle participation, or collection contributions do not.

If you have a pension, investments, or any other means on which you pay income or capital gains tax, we can claim on this amount.

To obtain the tax rebate from Revenue, you must reside in the Republic of Ireland in the relevant year and pay income tax during that period.

You don’t need to disclose the amount you pay. All we require is your PPS number and your signature, which will be securely retained solely for the purpose of obtaining tax rebates on your donations.

You can find your PPS number on most tax/social welfare documents addressed to you. We will securely retain this number for the sole purpose of obtaining tax rebates on your donations.

No, signing the CHY3 form covers donors for 5 years, meaning any gifts over €250 given in the next 5 years are covered by this one form.