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Volunteer With Childline

Note: If you speak the languages of Ukraine and can help Childline provide support to children and young people who have come to Ireland, please email [email protected] Thank you!


Volunteers play a hugely significant role in helping Childline to listen to children at units across Ireland. The Childline service is staffed by a team of volunteers and staff members who train and supervise volunteers to ensure a consistent and high quality service to children and young people.

Childline volunteers are of all ages and come from all backgrounds. They unite with a common purpose: to ensure children have someone who will listen. Childline volunteers do not need any prior qualifications. Comprehensive training and ongoing support is provided to all Childline volunteers before they answer their first call and for the duration of their time as a Childline volunteer.

All Childline volunteers are trained to listen and to and empower young people over phone call, text and online chat. Each Childline volunteer completes a weekly four-hour shift. See below for more information about volunteering at a location near you.

Find out more about what it’s like to help Childline listen to children by checking out these pieces written by volunteers at our Childline unit in Castlebar, County Mayo.

Volunteer experience piece by Patricia Breslin

Experience of a male Childline volunteer

What it’s like to be a Childline listening volunteer: Dee’s Story

Profile Of A Childline Volunteer

Sarah Hughes | Childline Online Volunteer

volunteer sarah hughes

Dublin-based psychology graduate Sarah Hughes has volunteered for the Childline Online service for seven years.

She first learnt of the opportunity to volunteer through a newspaper article and quickly registered her interest, signing up to complete the comprehensive Childline training and shadow existing volunteers to gain an insight into how the service operated.

Sarah described the Childline training, which she completed in winter 2010, as “fantastic”.

Since then, she has helped Childline listen to several children and young people across Ireland on her weekend evening shifts. The Childline Online service, the Childline Text service, and the Childline Phone service operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Julie Dorgan | ISPCC Childline volunteer Julie shares her experience

Find Out More About Volunteering At Your Nearest Location

For more information, or to register interest, email [email protected].

Volunteering With The ISPCC