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Shield Anti-Bullying Programme

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The ISPCC’s Shield Anti-Bullying Programme provides schools, clubs and communities with resources to effectively tackle bullying and help young people shield themselves and others from the harmful effects of bullying.

The programme is in use in institutions and clubs from early years ages onwards, and is highly recommended by those who have participated.

Shield Anti-Bullying Self-Evaluation Toolkit

The Shield Anti-Bullying Self-Evaluation Toolkit enables schools, clubs and community groups to determine their own strengths and needs in relation to bullying in their environment. It also contains an action plan for groups to use to record the outcome of their evaluation, their proposed actions, time frames and review schedule.
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Shield Anti-Bullying Flag

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When a school, club or group completes this anti-bullying review, they can strive towards achieving the ISPCC’s Shield Anti-Bullying Flag. Achieving the flag demonstrates that the group is pro-active in addressing, responding to and tackling bullying.

Click here to find out more about the Shield Anti-Bullying Self-Evaluation Toolkit and here to read the Shield Anti-Bullying Flag application guidelines.