Being a Childline Listening Volunteer: Ailish’s Story


The Reason I Became A Volunteer

I decided to become a Childline Listening Volunteer because I wanted to get involved in the community in a meaningful way.

It seemed like a great way to utilise my spare time for something good and productive that would benefit others. 

How Being A Volunteer Has Impacted My Life

Volunteering has changed how I perceive the way others present themselves – I actively have more empathy for others now.

As well as that, it has made me more aware of the upsetting situations and struggles people and families are facing that aren’t always apparent from the outside.

The Biggest Issues Facing Children Today

From what I can see, young people are worried about the future.

Over the last year, there were a lot of concerns around Covid – not seeing friends and watching their parents go through financial or health-related stress.

Long term, I think social media and online bullying is something that’s not going away any time soon.

My Best Moment As A Volunteer

A young person contacted the service for the first time and it was clear that they were very unsure about it. 

We spoke at length about what was going on for her and her emotional concerns. 

Through chatting, she was able to link her feelings to a trauma she had suffered previously and said she would speak to a trusted adult about it. 

At the end of the chat, she thanked the service and said she was so glad she contacted us. 

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