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Missing Children's Hotline – Prevention Tips For Parents

Who Are Concerned That Their Child May Be Abducted:

  • Consult a lawyer to obtain legal advice concerning the parental situation. Ask also for specific preventive measures with regard to the other parent, to be given by the judge: such as an order banning them from leaving the country with the child; the ban to request the child passport, etc.
  • Any Order obtained from the Courts should be given to the Garda Síochána as soon as possible.
  • Inform the people around you and your child (school, colleagues at work, consulate and public administration of your district/town) about your suspicion.
  • Collect all relevant information about the other parent’s: Change of behaviour (buying/selling of property; change of job…)
  • Concrete moves (buying of train/airplane tickets; application for a job abroad…)
  • Keep your child’s passport in a safe place If your child has double nationality, get in touch with the authorities (Consulate, etc.) of the other country of which s/he is a national.

Missing Children's Hotline – Help

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