My son is being bullied

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My son has been emotionally bullied and isolated at school how do I help? 


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Welcome to Ask Robyn. We are so sorry to hear that your son is going through such a difficult situation. Dealing with emotional bullying can be tough for both the child and the parent.  

It is great that your son feels safe and was able to tell you about the bullying, just by being there to listen to your son and being able to share his experiences can help. Listen to him without judgment and validate his feelings. Let him know that you are there for him and that you take his concerns seriously. 

You mentioned that this bullying is happening in school, have you contacted the school? Try and reach out to the school teachers, or counselors to discuss the situation. Provide them with the information you have gathered and express your concern about your son’s well-being. Schools have a responsibility to address bullying and create a safe learning environment. We know this can seem like a daunting step to take, so it may help to have someone with you. Do you have a friend, partner or family member who you would be able to ask for support? 

After meeting with the teachers it is best to collaborate with them, work together with the school to come up with a plan to address the bullying. This might involve them implementing anti-bullying programs, increasing supervision in certain areas, or providing support for your son. Monitor the situation: Keep a close eye on your son’s well-being. Stay in touch with teachers and counselors to ensure ongoing support. 

It may also be good to help your son develop coping strategies to deal with the emotional effects of bullying. Encourage open communication and let him know that it is okay to seek help when needed. Childline is here to talk and listen to him about how he is feeling and what is going on for him. He can ring 1800 66 66 66 for free or chat to us online at  

Remember that addressing emotional bullying requires patience and persistence. It may take time to see significant changes, but with your support and advocacy, your son can navigate through this difficult time and build resilience. If you ever feel overwhelmed or unsure about how to proceed, do not hesitate to seek advice from professionals or support groups. The ISPCC’s Support Line service can be contacted by email to [email protected] or between 9am – 1pm Monday – Friday by calling 01 522 4300. 

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