Warning: Bogus Clothing Collections

A warning message, showing a fake collection sticker
A warning message, showing a fake collection sticker

Please be wary, we have had a number of reports of fake or scam collections

It has come to Childline’s attention that the leaflets advertising bogus clothing collections in the name of Childline by ISPCC are being circulated throughout local communities. Childline by ISPCC does not run this service and it is very concerned that people are being conned into leaving out clothes and other donations assuming that they are going to a charity but this is not the case.

You can spot when a leaflet is bogus in the following two ways: spelling mistakes – the word ‘charity’ is spelled incorrectly and appears as ‘chratiry’ and the phone number for ‘Clothes Aid Helpline’ is incorrect.

If you receive one of these bogus leaflets, you should:


  • Dispose of the flyer request
  • Warn your friends, family and neighbours
  • Contact Childline by ISPCC to confirm any suspicious correspondence. Ring 01 234 2000 or email [email protected]