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A teenage girl sits on the ground with her back turned

ISPCC calls on Government to set and work to meaningful target on child homelessness

It is a full year since the Government failed to meet its self-imposed deadline to cease the use of commercial hotel and B&B emergency accommodation and the number of homeless children shockingly stands at 3,824; an increase of 35 per cent on this time last year.
Four years ago this level of homelessness would have been inconceivable. We must not allow this to become the norm. The childhoods of these children are slipping away with every month that passes, living in unsuitable and wholly inappropriate accommodation.
The ISPCC continues to call on the Government to set and work to a meaningful target, to ensure that children are no longer accommodated for long periods of time in this way. In addition, the ISPCC insists that needs-led planning for children and families cannot adequately occur without enhanced data capture to include the age of children and the real cause of homelessness.

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