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A To Z Fundraising


Activity Marathon

Dream up an activity volunteers can try to do for 24 straight hours, you could even stream it live. Why not tap into your inner Sandy and Danny and host a Grease-style Dance Marathon? The possibilities and fun are endless!

You could raise: €100 – €2000


Dust off your colourful leggings and get those leg warmers ready! Host an aerobics class, day or marathon. Get fit, have loads of fun and experience the 80’s/90’s in style all while raising funds for Childline.

You could raise: €50 – €200

Afternoon Tea

Do you enjoy finger sandwiches and small cakes? Then consider hosting an afternoon tea. Whether you do it at work, home or a local venue, we’re the second biggest tea drinkers in the world, so your event is sure to prove popular. Dust off the cake stand and send the invites out.

You could raise: €50 – €200

Arts and Crafts Fair

Do you have a creative flair and know a few other likeminded creatives? Then a craft fair may be the perfect fundraising event for you! All you’ll need is your designs and your friends’ designs and a space to sell them.

You could raise: €100 – €200


Auctions are a great alternative to a raffle, they can be held as a standalone event or as part of any get-together event. They are great at tapping into participants’ competitive nature all the while raising funds for Childline. All you have to do is source the auction items, a location and a host. Make sure to think outside the box for your auction items, while it may prove difficult to source the items you desire, it may be easier to ‘auction’ your friend’s skills. It may sound strange, but all you need is a group of enthusiastic buddies who are willing to auction off their skill-sets. How much would you give to not have to mow your lawn for a year!

You could raise: €100 – €2000


Backward Walking

How far can you walk facing the wrong direction? Can you get to School / work? Just make sure you have someone with you leading the way! A great activity for your whole class or office.

You could raise: €10 – €50 per participant

Badminton Tournament

As professional or as casual as you want, a badminton tournament could be the perfect event for you. A simple round robin game set up in a local park with refreshments could be a brilliant exclusive event for those sunny days during the summer.

You could raise: €50 – €200


A bag pack at your local supermarket is a great idea for fundraising. Approach the manager and secure a busy date. Engage a group of enthusiastic friends and create a timetable for the day. ISPCC Childline will provide your team with T-shirts and labelled collection buckets. Just get in touch here and we’ll set you up with everything you need.

You could raise: €200 – €2000 (depending on the supermarket)

Bake Sale

Have your cake and eat it! Bake sales are a tried and a tested fundraising idea and for good reason, everyone enjoys a cake! There may or may not be calories in cakes when they’re for a good cause… So tap into your inner Mary Berry and bake your way to fundraising success. Whether you run the event at work, school or your home be sure to find out about any specialist diets (or perhaps just their favourites) first to maximise sales!

You could raise: €50 – €200

Balloon Pop

Fill a room with balloons, hide prizes inside a select few, and sell needles to event-goers for a chance to “pop for prizes.” We’ll even provide the balloons!

You could raise: €50 – €200

Basketball Tournament

Are you a budding Kobe or Michael Jordan? This could be the event for you. If you’ve got smaller numbers, why not opt for a game of 3 on 3. Raise funds by charging a player fee and why not let spectators donate to take part in a 3 point shootout at the end of the match?

You could raise: €50 – €200

Battle of the Bands

While requiring a fair bit of organization, a Battle of the Bands is a fun event to host. First up find a location to host your event (School Hall or Sports Club) then invite some local artists. These bands and artists will even invite their fans, friends and family along.

You could raise: €500 – €2,000


Organise a bingo night, it’s fun for friends and families. Keep it fun and adapt the game for your audience. If they’re celebrity obsessed why not use photographs of famous people instead of numbers but you can never go wrong with the traditional numbers. Just make sure you learn the lingo before you start calling out the numbers!

You could raise: €50 – €200

Blind Date

Organise a blind date, tap into your inner Cilla, raise funds for a great cause and help out your unlucky in love friends! Charge admission to audience members and contestants. Get a sponsored date themed prize for the winners (dinner for two, mini golf, trip to the zoo, movie passes) and have them go straight after your event.

You could raise: €50 – €200

Book Sale

Ask your friends or colleagues to spring clean their bookshelves by bringing some unwanted books to work or school. Price them up ahead of your fundraiser. This is a great opportunity to bag a new read – recycling and fundraising in tandem! A perfect fundraising idea, you could offer refreshments to increase donations.

You could raise: €50 – €200


Bowl-a-thon — Bowling is a crowd-pleaser, and this one’s a great rain-or-shine activity. Prize for most strikes and booby prize for most gutter balls!

You could raise: €50 – €200

Breakfast Event

The most important meal of the day. This is best done in collaboration with a local hotel or restaurant. Get a set price for breakfast items and charge for people to attend the event.

You could raise: €100 – €500


Calendars/Wall Planners

We all need calendars and wall planners to track family activities. The more fun you can make yours the better, although we can’t help you advertise or sell your calendars.

You could raise: €50 – €200

Car wash

This classic isn’t just from the movies. Get your buckets and sponges ready, draw up a sign and attract those filthy cars to raise funds for a great cause.

You could raise: €100 – €200


A carnival is always a fun way to raise funds. You can invest whatever level of overhead feels appropriate. Make up your own games with homemade booths to keep cost low and create a more personalised event.

You could raise: €100 – €1,000

Carol Singing

Get in the Christmas spirt and raise funds while you’re at it! You don’t need to be professional singers, it’s all about fun and everyone can carol sing! (Don’t forget you need permits and permissions for public places)

You could raise: €50 – €200

Casino Night

Tap into your inner James Bond, play all the favourite casino games and win prizes. Play for tokens instead of cash to maximise your fundraising. Get sponsored prizes and give them a token value for participants to purchase with their winnings.

You could raise: €50 – €200

Casual Day

Great for the workplace or schools! Organize a day when everyone comes in dressed in their regular clothes then go around and get a donation from each participant.

You could raise: €50 – €200

Church Gate Collection

Your local church will generally allow a group to collect at all services on a particular weekend. Make sure to have people collecting at all exits or entrances with proper collection buckets.

Ensure you have the correct permits in place for any bucket collections.

You could raise: €50 – €200

Climbing Challenge

Rent a climbing wall or team up with a local climbing gym to hold a race to the top.

You could raise: €50 – €200

Coaching sessions

Ask the local coaches to sign up for weekly coaching sessions for various sports, then auction those off to the community.

You could raise: €50 – €200

Community Garage Sale

Most people have tons of stuff they are secretly dying to get rid of. Have them donate it to a neighbourhood sale with the proceeds going to a great cause.

You could raise: €100 – €200


Do you know some talented musicians? Then why not organize a concert for friends and family to attend and charge a small fee.

You could raise: €50 – €200

Cooking Class

Find a local chef willing to host a class in his kitchen (or yours) and end the lesson with a lively and intimate group dinner.

You could raise: €100 – €200

Cuppa & Cake Coffee Morning

There’s nothing quite like a warm cuppa and homemade cake to brighten up everyone’s morning! Or how about inviting pals around for an afternoon treat of dreamy creamy scones and speciality teas? Combine with a raffle for an even bigger fundraiser.

You could raise: €50 – €200

Coupon Book

Solicit local businesses to participate by offering awesome deals on their products and services. Sell the books for charity.

You could raise: €100 – €200

Crazy Hair Day

Who has the biggest Mohawk? Host a crazy hair day in your workplace or school, get donations from participants or set up a makeover desk to temporarily give donators a crazy hair day.

You could raise: €100 – €200

Cricket Match

Stumped for fundraising ideas? Dust off your whites and knock your friends for six with your cricket skills. Hosting a charity cricket match is the perfect way to bring your friends or local community together in the summer. You could ask for sponsorship or get team players to pay to play.

You could raise: €100 – €200

Cycling Events

Get on your bike and take part in a sponsored cycle! You can organize your own event or take part in an already established event such as the Great Dublin Bike Ride. For more information about sponsored cycles, why not request our sponsored cycle fundraising pack. (Don’t forget you need permits and permissions for public places)

You could raise: €200 – €500


Dance Marathon

Dust off those dancing shoes and throw a dance for Childline. The sky is the limit for your theme but an American high school prom would excite old and young alike. All you need is a hall, DJ and refreshments, don’t forget about the king and queen on the night!

You could raise: €200 – €500

Darts match

Set your sights on bulls-eye and keep the game serious by charging an entry fee to raise funds. Or keep it fun and set challenges like throwing whilst on one leg and charge per throw. If you are or know a local darts champion why not charge a fee to play against them?

You could raise: €100 – €200

Dinner Party

An event which can be hosted all year round, on its own or in support of other events a dinner party can be adapted to appeal to most people. Our top tip: pick a theme. You could focus around the origins of the food you serve or go theme first, food second and serve dishes from your favourite film. Keep in mind the timing of your event, if your hosting in January why not throw a healthy food dinner party to appeal to all those trying to kick bad habits in the new year. You can keep costs down by getting your guests to each provide a dish.

You could raise: €50 – €200

Drawing Competition

A great small event for a group of school classmates. Design a template and get everyone to finish drawing the picture for a small donation fee. Get some prizes sponsored from local shops and get your teacher to pick the winners, that way you can compete too!

You could raise: €50 – €100

Dress Down Day

Approach your employer or teacher to agree to an informal dress day at your workplace or school. You’ll find your colleagues will gladly make a donation to leave their suits, formal wear and uniforms at home for the day! A great idea for fundraising for your school or workplace.

You could raise: €50 – €200

Dog Walking

Spend the day with all the doggies in your neighbourhood! Advertise in your local community centre or supermarket. They’d be barking mad not to take you up on your fundraiser.

You could raise: €50 – €100

Dog Wash

Set up a dog wash in your local park (with permission and permits) and invite the public to come get their pooch polished up.

You could raise: €50 – €200


Eating Competition

How many slices of pie can you eat in 5 minutes? How many crackers can you eat without water in 60 seconds? Healthy option – How many carrots can you eat in 5 minutes? When it comes to food, there are loads of challenges to set, particularly if you’re fans of ‘I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!’ You can raise funds with admission fees for spectators and competitors.

You could raise: €50 – €200

Easter Egg Hunt

A great event for the young ones. Who doesn’t love chocolate! Suitable to take place in local parks. Beware of spiralling set up costs, Easter eggs aren’t cheap and remember not to eat them all before your event!

You could raise: €50 – €200

Easter Party

With both a school holiday and a long bank holiday weekend, Easter is a great time to fundraise. You’ll have more time to plan the activity and people are more likely to have the time to support you. There are lots of low cost ways to raise money at an Easter party. From the more obvious Easter egg hunt to an Easter bunny hop race (ears at the ready).

You could raise: €200 – €500

Employer Matched Giving

Many employers have a charity or community fund and offer matched-giving to their employees. Whatever fundraising idea you decide to undertake, make sure to ask your employer if they’ll match your fundraising total.

You could double your funds raised!

Eurovision Party

An exciting night in with friends or a big night out in a local hall. Throwing a Eurovision party is loads of fun. You won’t get nil points for it! Choose food, drinks and outfits from Eurovision countries and have a fabulous party! Raise funds by charging admission, holding a sweepstakes or selling votes for your party’s winner.

You could raise: €50 – €200



Face Painting

Not got the time or resource to organise your own fête or street party? Then why not get involved in one which is already taking place and offer your services as a face painter? Most events will be happy to have you. No fêtes near you, no fear. Face-painting isn’t just for the kids, so why not ask your local nightspot if they’re hosting any themed nights that face painting would be appropriate for.

You could raise: €50 – €200

Family Fun Day

A great fun day for everyone involved. Can include a mixture of many events in one, carnival games, bake sale, colouring competitions, a raffle, the sky is the limit. You can invest whatever level of overhead feels appropriate. Homemade games can keep the cost low and create a more personalised event.

You could raise: €500 – €2,000

Fashion Show

Do you see yourself as a fashion icon? Why not host a fashion show? They take a lot of organisation, but if you put together a good team, you can create a great event. On the night there is also an opportunity to fundraise other than just the admission donation. Why not include a raffle, auction or heads and tails game while your models are changing.

You could raise: €200 – €500

Fancy-Dress Days

Fancy dress isn’t just for Halloween. It’s a great way to fundraise any time of year. Get your work or school colleagues to come to work or school in fancy-dress and ask them to pay a small donation for the day?

You could raise: €50 – €200

Food Fight

A less elegant dinner party where chaos ensues, but make sure your guests don’t mind getting filthy. Serve spaghetti and meatballs; watch the mayhem unfold. Make sure there’s a hose on premises.

You could raise: €50 – €200


Host a football match / 5-a-side. If you’ve got smaller numbers or want a bigger event, why not opt for a game of 5-a-side or a 5-a-side tournament. Raise funds by charging a player fee and why not let spectators donate to take part in a penalty shootout at the end of the match?

You could raise: €200 – €1000

French Day

French food, French style, French attitude — there’s no end to how French your day could be.

You could raise: €50 – €200

Fun Run

Set a fitness goal by organising your own fun run in your local park. You could also enter one of the many organised events around the country. Enlist friends and family to help organise the day and to participate with each participant seeking sponsorship a great fundraiser can be had. (Don’t forget you need permits and permissions for public places)

You could raise: €100 – €1,000



Games Day or Evening

Organise a fun games day or evening for friends, family and colleagues. You just need games, a place to play and people to play with. It could be a board games day, Lego building day, jigsaw day, if you have access to current or retro consoles, why not go down the gaming route. Everyone pays a small fee to take part. It doesn’t have to be a long event, consider holding your event at lunchtime and get colleagues to play for the price of a coffee.

You could raise: €50 – €100

Garden Party

Get your blankets and party games ready, a garden party is perfect for the summer months. Have a daisy chain making competition or a cartwheel contest. As long as it’s outside on the grass it’s a garden party! A wonderful event for families.

You could raise: €50 – €200

Girls Night In

Pamper yourselves girls, you deserve it. You may even find that guys like to be pampered too! Have a night in, get the face masks ready, make all the comfort foods and donate the costs of a night out to Childline.

You could raise: €50 – €200

Give It Up!

We all have bad habits that we would like to get rid of. While some may be worse than others, why not try to give them up while fundraising? If your habit is costly, why not donate the money you save? If your habit causes more frustration to others than yourself, why not have people sponsor you?

You could raise: €50 – €2000

Golf Tournament

Talk to your local golf club about the possibility of organising a Golf tournament fundraising event. Players pay a fee to play and can either enter a 4 ball team or be partnered up on the day. Involve your local businesses, hotels and restaurants by asking them to donate a prize or sponsor holes or fun happenings from the day i.e. hole in one, closest to the hole, best or worst dressed etc. A dinner and awards ceremony can be held in the club house after your event, where additional fund can be raised with a raffle or auction.

You could raise: €500 – €2000

Guinness Book of Records Attempt

Who wouldn’t want to be a world record holder? Give your guests a list of “highly attainable world records” they can attempt to break at your event. A fun event that is even fun to research and organise.

You could raise: €50 – €200



Halloween Party

The only thing better than fancy-dress for fundraising is dressing up at Halloween. So get your invites out and charge guests an entry fee to spend the night playing traditional Halloween games like bobbing for apples, best costume and pumpkin carving.

You could raise: €50 – €200

Haircut Party

Not a great idea for amateurs! But, great if you’re a hairdresser! If not, try find a local salon whose stylists are willing to donate their time for just one day to give haircuts. Customers pay what they think their haircut is worth, and all of the funds raised goes to Childline.

You could raise: €50 – €200

Heads or Tails

This is a great fundraising game that can be played at events where you have a large crowd. It runs off very quickly and is a bit of fun for guest too.

Everyone donates a set amount.

They are then told to place their hands on either their heads or their tails (bottom).

A coin is tossed and depending on whether it lands on heads or tails the people with their hands on the correct body part remain standing, the rest sit down.

As the number of participants lower get them to move together on the stage or the centre of the room.

Whittle it down until you get a winner— who then gets a prize! Then repeat.

You could raise: €50 – €200

Hockey Tournament

Host a hockey match / 5-a-side. If you’ve got smaller numbers or want a bigger event, why not opt for a game of 5-a-side or a 5-a-side tournament. Raise funds by charging a player fee and why not let spectators donate to take part in a penalty shootout at the end of the match?

You could raise: €200 – €1000


Celebrate New Year’s like the Scottish! Host a Scottish-themed New Year’s Eve party. Get your scotch eggs, haggis and IRN BRU ready and ring in the New Year in style. Invite your friends and family along, they can donate the cost they would usually spend on venue entry.

You could raise: €50 – €200

Holly Days

Spread the Christmas spirit while fundraising! Perfect for transition year students. Join in our annual Holly Days appeal by selling ISPCC branded holly pins in your locality or in Dublin, Cork, Galway and Limerick under ISPCC supervision on weekdays during December.

Contact us for more information on 1850 50 40 50

You could raise: €200 – €2000



International Evening / International Day

Whether you’ve travelled the world or just love a particular culture, an international theme is a great way to get people excited about raising money. Choose your country, or go ‘around the world’, and charge people an entry fee. Have a think about dress codes, food and music. Entertainment such as quizzes can be a great way to raise extra funds at the event.

You could raise: €50 – €200



Japanese Day

Celebrate all things Japanese and raise funds for Childline. Host a sushi making event, gather your friends and family for a Japanese themed dinner party, with Ramen or Katsu curry. The sky is the limit just don’t forget the Karaoke! You’ll be big in Japan in no time!

You could raise: €50 – €200


Use jazz music as the centre of your fundraising. You could put on an evening of entertainment and charge for entry. Or if you’re a jazz musician yourself, you could share your talent and provide music lessons for donations.

You could raise: €50 – €200

Jewellery Making

Host a ‘make-your-own’ jewellery craft session. Get all your friends together and make jewellery. It up to you the materials you use, but be wary costs can spiral. Can be held in addition to a girl’s night or as part of another event. Charge participants a fee to join in.

You could raise: €50 – €200


We’re not all marathon runners, jogging may be more your speed. You can host your own event or join in on a fun run. (Don’t forget you need permits and permissions for public places)

You could raise: €50 – €200

Jumble Sale

“One man’s waste can be another man’s treasure.” Ask your family and friends to de-clutter their houses of unwanted items that are still in good condition. Invite people to bag a bargain at your event. You’ll be saving the environment while raising funds! Any items left over can be donated to your local Charity shop. This is one of the best fundraising ideas as everyone who takes part has a chance to de-clutter and all the items raise vital funds for Childline.

You could raise: €50 – €200




Tap into your inner Diva and get ready for a night of karaoke. Love it or hate it, it’s a great way to raise money and have a lot of fun. If you’re on the lookout for a karaoke machine, reach out to friends on social media to save money on renting one.

You could raise: €50 – €200

Karate Tournament

Are you a budding Karate kid? Why not organise a karate tournament? If you are a student, approach your Sensei about helping you with your event.

You could raise: €50 – €200


Knitwear is often in demand, especially in the winter months. So why not use your needle skills to raise money? First, decide how you want to sell your unique items. You could use online auction sites, set-up a stall. Want to raise more awareness for your fundraising event? Set up a Facebook page, or for more publicity, knit somewhere that will generate interest.

You could raise: €50 – €200



Ladies Night / Day

Get your friends together and throw a ladies day (or evening). The first challenge will be getting a date in the diary. So if this is the event for you, start to ask people now about their availability. Once you’ve got the date, start to think about entertainment. You could have cocktails and canapés or a Mad Hatter’s tea party. You know your guests best, so choose something that you’ll all enjoy.

You could raise: €50 – €200

Leap Year

Why not utilise the extra day in a leap year to make a difference. Hold an event on the 29th of February and raise funds for Childline. Don’t forget, with an extra day in the working month, it’s a great chance to speak to employers about matched giving.

You could raise: €50 – €200

Lego Competition

Only your imagination can hold you back with a Lego competition. But first you’ll need to source a lot of Legos.

You could raise: €50 – €200

Limbo Competition

How low can you go? Set up a Limbo competition and compete with your friends and family to see who can limbo best!

You could raise: €50 – €200

Line Dancing

Dust off your cowboy hats and boots, stick on Garth Brooks and line dance your way to a successful fundraiser!

You could raise: €50 – €200


You don’t have to be a lady to lunch. If your office has a habit of ordering food on a Friday, why not cook up your own treats? You’ll save your colleagues time buying lunch, giving them longer to enjoy your yummy food!

You could raise: €50 – €200




The challenge of running 26.2 miles can be one of the most rewarding experiences of a lifetime, couple that with fundraising for Childline and you could well have a brilliant time!

You could raise: €200-€500

Matched Giving

Whether you’re raising money in the office or outside of work, ask your employer about matched giving. Lots of our fundraisers have doubled the amount raised by their employer so don’t be afraid to ask.

You could double your funds raised!

Morning Dance Party

It doesn’t have to be night-time to get your dancing shoes on. Host an alcohol-free dance party with fancy mocktails made from healthy fruits.

You could raise: €50 – €200

Movie Night

Give your friends something to look forward to with a special screening of an old favourite or a recent must-see. Serve a few treats, a nice cuppa or refreshments (in exchange for a donation) and your guests just won’t want to leave!

You could raise: €50 – €200

Muffin Monday

A Simple fundraiser for a workplace or classroom. Take orders on the Friday and spend your Sunday baking delicious muffins for your colleagues on Monday morning.

You could raise: €50 – €200

Music Evening

Pop, rock, or jazz? Regardless of genre, if fundraising through music appeals to you it’s time to start thinking about your event. Will you be performing? Or just looking for local acts to support you? You could keep it simple with a Saturday busking session (if you can acquire the permits). Or if you’re thinking bigger, start to look at venues (or start being extra nice to friends with big gardens).

You could raise: €50 – €200



Nationality Day

Our workplaces and classrooms are full of diversity, celebrate everyone while fundraising for Childline. Get your colleagues to attend in their traditional dress or bring a much loved dish from home. A great day for everyone involved!

You could raise: €50 – €200

Neighbourhood Street Party

Get your neighbours involved in your fundraiser, have fun and bring a real sense of community. Have neighbours donate food, drinks and lawn chairs. Couple with other fundraising events such as carnival games, a bake sale and a raffle.

You could raise: €50 – €200

New Year’s Eve Dance/Party

Avoid a night of queuing and host your own New Year’s Eve party. The best thing about it? You get to control both the music and the guest list. Charge your guests less than the local venue for entry and then donate the funds raised.

You could raise: €50 – €200

Night In

Swap a night out for a fun night in. Invite your friends around for a bite to eat and a glass of something special. If you’re stuck for time, try tapas or pizza. Your night in could also be a pyjama and pamper party. Guests can make a donation to Childline.

You could raise: €50 – €200

Nut-Cracking Competition

Go nuts with your nut-cracking competition ideas! For example who can crack the most walnuts by hand in a minute?

You could raise: €50 – €200



Obstacle Course

Create the ultimate obstacle course. Yours could include a tyre swing or even a mud pit. Maybe you could have a separate course for children and adults to make the day a family-friendly affair.

You could raise: €50 – €200

Office Collection Day / Office Fundraising

Short of time but eager to make a difference? Then fundraising in the office could be the right activity for you. Fundraising activities for the office could include bake sales, an office Olympics, a dress-down day or perhaps take breakfast orders and set up your own tea trolley. A morning coffee could make your colleagues more than happy to sponsor you!

You could raise: €50 – €200

Oldies Disco Night

Celebrate the 60s, 70s, 80s or even the noughties with an ‘oldies’ disco. Encourage your friends to dress up to represent the decade and charge for admission. Don’t forget to take photos!

You could raise: €50 – €200

Olympic Games Contest

Host a mini Olympic style games. Who will run the 100 metres the fastest? Who has the longest jump? Be inventive, it’s your Olympics, why not have some interesting and different games?

You could raise: €50 – €200


A fun day navigating a predetermined route with maps and compasses, while collecting stamps along the way. Can be set out as a race or just a fun family outing.

You could raise: €50 – €200



Paddle Race

Host a stand-up paddleboard contest, coupled with a beach party could bring in plenty of donations.

You could raise: €50 – €200

Pamper Day

It’s likely your friends love a bit of pampering, so why not plan a day that offers the break people need. Are you a trained beautician, masseuse or hairdresser? If pampering is more of a hobby, whilst we’d suggest staying away from offering haircuts, why not have your friends over for a pampering night in?

You could raise: €50 – €200

Pancake Day

It doesn’t have to be on Pancake Tuesday but it’s a great date to hold your event. Host an all-inclusive pancake breakfast — make sure you offer options for everyone — the gluten free, the vegan, the sugar-free, and the foodie who will eat anything.

You could raise: €50 – €200


Are you part of a local drama society of club? Oh no you’re not… Why not write and hold your own panto?

You could raise: €200 – €2000

Pay Day Breakfast

Treat your colleagues to a scrumptious breakfast on payday. Ask a local shop or supplier to come on board by donating food or offering a discount. Your colleagues will soon be asking about the next date!

You could raise: €50 – €200

Photo Exhibition

Have participants contribute photographs they’ve taken that relate to your charity. Have an art opening where event-goers buy a ticket to attend then auction off the photos.

You could raise: €50 – €200


Get your blankets and picnic baskets ready, host a picnic in a local park and offer events to raise donations while creating a lovely family day out.

You could raise: €50 – €200

Pie-Throwing Contest

Do you know a lot of people who would pay to throw a cream pie at you? Invite people to come and air their grievances by making a donation for a pie.

You could raise: €50 – €200

Pizza Party

The only thing better than pizza is homemade pizza! Invite your friends over for a pizza party. Make a big batch of dough, pre heat the oven and everyone gets their own personalized pizza with their favourite toppings.

You could raise: €50 – €200

Poker Tournament

The proceeds will go to Childline, of course, but the winner gets acclaim and a grand prize.

You could raise: €50 – €200

Polar Bear Plunge

Participants gather sponsors for their dive into the icy cold sea. You provide the warm blankets and hot chocolate. Perfect for those cold winter month, when a day needs brightening up. The spectators will have a great time and may dig deep!

You could raise: €50 – €200

Pyjama Party

A Pyjama party is a great event for home, work or the classroom. Just get everyone involved to make a small donation to Childline.

You could raise: €50 – €200




A pub quiz is a much-loved and successful fundraiser. Arrange your venue well in advance, source prizes, a good MC and promote your event through colleagues, friends and at the venue.

Charge per team and have a good mix of questions. You could have a round about your city or county, one on music, one on your school or club, general knowledge, Dingbats, Sports, Flags, missing words, nature and a photo round.

Have spot prizes for the best answers, best team name and an overall prize for 1st, 2nd and 3rd teams.

You could raise: €50 – €500




A raffle is often held in conjunction with a quiz/bake sale or other fundraising event. Ask your parents, local shops, restaurants, hotels and cinema for prizes or vouchers and price your tickets according to the range of prizes on offer. Give yourself lots of time to sell the tickets. Be aware that if you plan to sell tickets publicly you would require a licence from the Gardaí.

You could raise: €50 – €200

Rock-Paper-Scissors Tournament

You don’t need any special equipment to play rock-paper-scissors, just your hands and some black-and-white-clad referees at a table. Set up the rules and get the crowd riled to bet on their favourite contenders.

You could raise: €50 – €200

Rounders’ Tournament

For a lot of us, this was the first sport we ever learned in school. Everyone knows the rules. Set up the bases and swing for a homer. Raise funds by charging a player fee.

You could raise: €200 – €1000

Rugby Match

Host a rugby match / rugby 7s or tag rugby. If you’ve got smaller numbers or want a bigger event, why not opt for a game of rugby 7s or a rugby 7s tournament? Raise funds by charging a player fee and why not let spectators donate to take part in a penalty kick off at half time in the match?

You could raise: €200 – €1000

Running & Marathon Events

As another great fundraising idea, you can take part in a sponsored run or fundraise by running a marathon! Or why not organise your own 5K race? Fundraising runs are a timeless way to raise money for a good cause. Make yours stand out with a costume requirement or unusual location.

You could raise: €50 – €200



Salsa Day

Salsa your way to success. Host a Salsa event to raise funds for Childline.

You could raise: €50 – €200

Sausage Sizzle

Popular in Australia & New Zealand, hosts of BBQs serve sausages wrapped in bread and donate the proceeds to charity. Down under, they sometimes call this “Democracy Sausage” because this type of fundraiser is often held at polling places on Election Day.

You could raise: €50 – €200

Silent Auction

If you are lucky enough to have received some valuable items for a raffle it may be worth considering running a silent auction for those items. People simply add their details, along with a bid to either an envelope or on a sheet outlining the prize. The highest bidder wins and must pay their bid price to receive their prize.

You don’t have to auction off gift baskets. Get creative with the auction items. Think about experiences instead of things.

You could raise: €200 – €2000

Silent Disco

No need to hire a professional DJ or performer. Simply plan a killer playlist and provide each attendee with a headset when they enter the door. You may need to hire equipment or download a silent disco at that streams to your attendees’ phones.

You could raise: €50 – €300

Singles Charity Night

Bring dating hopefuls together to raise funds for Childline. You may even get an invite to a wedding!

You could raise: €50 – €200

Skating Event

Host a roller skating event and charge an admission fee to be donated to Childline.

You could raise: €50 – €200

Sky lantern send off

Host an evening celebration where partygoers make a wish on a paper lantern, light a flame inside, and send it off in the sky.

You could raise: €50 – €300

Skills Auction

Parents, staff and students offer a skill that can be auctioned. From gardening to painting, computer knowledge to knitting skills, you give up a couple of hours of your time to another student, parent or staff member that can be auctioned to the highest bidder.

You could raise: €50 – €200


Face your fears. Skydives are one of the most popular fundraising activities, get in touch and start organising your skydive today. There are several reputable companies who offer this service.

You could raise: €50 – €200

Stair Climbing Contest

Find a venue with a lot of stairs. Have participants recruit sponsors. Then race to see who can climb them the fastest.

You could raise: €50 – €200

Stone Soup Party

Have you heard the old folk story about the town that comes together to make a communal pot of soup? Have participants bring a soup ingredient, and cook up the recipe together. Then enjoy the spoils of your efforts with some nice crusty bread.

You could raise: €50 – €200

Strictly Come Dancing Event

This has become a popular fundraiser. Participants are sponsored to take part in a dance routine that is then judged with the best dancers going through to the grand finale. During the event you could have a bake sale, raffle, game of heads or tails or a silent auction.

You could raise: €200 – €1000

Special Occasion Celebration

You could ask friends for a donation rather than presents for a birthday, wedding or another special occasion. You can even set up an online giving page to help gather donations.

You could raise: €200 – €2000

Sports Day

Students, staff and parents take part in a sporting challenge such as a session on a rowing machine or exercise bike marathon. It could be run over a set time period with everyone doing a particular time slot or a few people could take it on as an endurance event.

You could raise: €50 – €250

Sponsored Silence

If you’re a chatterbox who finds being quiet a challenge, then perhaps you could raise funds with a sponsored silence. Just remember, don’t be quiet about the cause and your fundraising before or after the event!!

You could raise: €50 – €300

Sponsored Event

From a dance-a-thon to a skip-a-thon get everybody active and having fun while fundraising. Each participant tries to get sponsorship to take part.

You could raise: €50 – €300

Sponsored Run/Swim/Cycle/Walk Events

People are not more aware than ever of the importance of exercise. Have a fun fundraiser by getting the students, teachers/leader, friends or families to get sponsorship to take part in a run, swim, cycle or other endurance event. (Don’t forget you need permits and permissions for public places)

You could raise: €50 – €300

Star speaker

Do you have any contacts who have interesting stories or who are an expert in their field? Host a talk, get the audience to make a donation to Childline to attend the event.

You could raise: €200 – €2000


Organise your sweepstakes around a big sporting event – golf, football or a horse race. Agree the prize for the winner in advance and the remainder raised can be donated.

You could raise: €50 – €300



Talent show

Charge a small fee to friends and families to attend the talent show. Why not sell raffle tickets, have a heads and tails game or a silent auction on the night?

You could raise: €50 – €300

Tea party

A good cup of tea can change your mood. We drink it when we’re sad, we drink it when we’re happy, so why not drink it today and raise funds for Childline?

You could raise: €50 – €300

Teddy Bear’s Picnic

Run a fun teddy bear’s picnic and charge a small amount for teddies to attend. You could run this in conjunction with a bake sale or get everyone to bring their own picnic and have some treats available to the teddy bears.

You could raise: €50 – €300

Tennis Tournament

Host round-robin tennis matches with doubles teams, and sell refreshments to participants and viewers.

You could raise: €50 – €300

Themed Party

Try a Halloween or Funky Christmas Jumper party or base your party on a movie, a colour or simply a letter from the alphabet. You may unearth some treasures in your local charity shop. Participants can make a donation and you can offer award prizes for the most imaginative costumes.

You could raise: €50 – €300

Tip Night

Do you work in a restaurant or café to ask them if they could donate tips or a percentage of sales for the night to Childline?

You could raise: €50 – €300

Treasure Hunt

Tap into your inner Indiana Jones! Host a treasure hunt in aid of ISPCC Childline. It can be as big or small as you want. You can hide items around your school/workplace or venue or create clues from items in your area/town/city i.e. poems or inscriptions on plaques, shop or street names etc. Each clue leads you to the next location and you can take the first letter of each place to solve a riddle or pick up treasure at the final location.

It does take a bit of organisation but can be great fun!

The Actionbound app could help you set up a treasure hunt that can be shared on participant’s phones.

You could raise: €50 – €300


We know that together we are stronger, but will you be stronger than your friends?

You could raise: €50 – €300

Tuck Shop

If you’re the type of person who causes your colleagues to get lunchbox envy, then it’s time to set up shop. Grab yourself some simple budget recipes and cook up something cheap. Your colleagues can grab some grub for a budget price while getting the chance to support a good cause.

You could raise: €50 – €300



Ugly Sweater Party

We all have that one horrible sweater a well-intentioned family member knitted us. It’s time to put it to good use!

You could raise: €50 – €300

Unique Event Ideas

We are always on the lookout for new unique fundraising ideas. The more creative the better! What’s more, hosting an event that many people haven’t heard of before can make it all the more desirable to potential participants and can even create interest in local media.

You could raise: €50 – €300

Uniform Free Day

Each participant brings a set amount on the non-uniform day. Whilst best avoided if you are a fireman, a uniform free day is a great way to get raise funds at school, or let your office relax a little with a dress-down dress code. Swapping your usual uniform for fancy dress could help you raise even more money.

You could raise: €50 – €300

University Challenge

Challenge your rival university to a competition, to see which university will come out on top. It could be a ‘University Challenge’ style quiz or maybe even a race through your university city. Whatever the challenge, open it up to your fellow students to come and watch. Ticket costs will help you raise funds. Remember to speak to your students’ union who will likely be happy to help you organise (particularly in RAG week).

You could raise: €50 – €300

Unused Things Sale

Donate unwanted, clothes, bags, shoes and accessories for adults and kids. Items are arranged as they would be in a shop, so grouped by item type, size or price — everything on a certain rail or table costs x.

Ensure you have a dressing room so that people can try before they buy!

An easy way to revamp your wardrobe or update your home. Everyone brings an item that they no longer want or wear. Guests pay a fee to swap their unwanted item for something different.

You could raise: €100 – €200



Valentine’s Day Party

Lots of single friends and a skill for matchmaking? Then why not organise a singles event? You could organise a speed-dating evening or even a full-blown Valentine’s ball. The best part is that even if nobody gets a love match, everyone can go home happy knowing they have supported such an important cause. Don’t have the resources (or friends willing) for a singles event? Why not bake some love themed goodies for the office. Or why not throw an alternative Valentine’s Day event? Whether its fitness or food, make the theme ‘what you love’ and ask for donations from friends who attend.

You could raise: €50 – €300

Vintage Party

Get a taste of a bygone era with a vintage event. You’ll have fun researching what people wore – from togas in Cleopatra’s ancient Egypt to a medieval Irish monk to a 1920s flapper!

You could raise: €50 – €300


Host a Volleyball match/tournament. Raise funds by charging a player fee and why not let spectators donate to take part in a spike off at the end of the match?

You could raise: €50 – €300




Put on or take part in a sponsored walk. It can be as long or short as you like, with hundreds or just a few people. Where and how far will you walk? Some of you have walked over the Wicklow Way. Others have walked 5k, while some did it blindfolded. But they all did it with the same aim. So whether you head to your local shopping centre in your onesie, or make your way through Camino, walk with purpose and become a fundraiser today.

You could raise: €300 – €600

Wax It

It’s a classic fundraising technique that provides an interesting insight into how much your friends are willing to pay to hear you shout ‘ouch!. A packet of wax strips (and maybe some aloe vera) is all you need to raise money with a wax off.

You could raise: €50 – €300

Wear It

People like to laugh, so give them an incentive to sponsor you by letting them nominate what you wear.

You could raise: €50 – €300

Wine Tasting & Cheese Party

A very easy (and tasty) fundraiser! Simply choose a date that suits your circle and ask your guests for donations. Approach local off-licenses and supermarkets to enlist their support. It may well become an annual fundraising event. Over 18s only, don’t forget the spit buckets!

You could raise: €50 – €300

Workout Class Fundraiser

Ask a local workout spot to host and help promote your fundraiser. Charge an extra fee for entrance to this special one-time class with everyone’s favourite instructor.

You could raise: €50 – €300

World Food Day Event

On 16th October put on an event to celebrate World Food Day and raise funds for Childline.

You could raise: €50 – €500



Xbox / PlayStation / Console Night

We hope you’re sat comfortably because a gaming fundraiser could leave you up all night. Make this gaming session one that matters by inviting people to play for donations to Childline.

You could raise: €50 – €300

X Factor

Fundraising is all about doing what you can to make a difference. So if you can hit the high notes like Mariah, then an X-Factor style competition could be right for you. If you’re not the singer in the group, stick to hosting and if you can’t find the talent to compete, why not host a night and watch the show? You could even put a sweepstake on the show, from who’ll be the first to go to how many times the phrase “I didn’t like it, I loved it” gets used. The prize can be a percentage of the money raised, or a non-monetary prize of your choosing.

You could raise: €50 – €3000

Xmas Fair

Host a Christmas fair with all sorts of Christmas crafts and foods. We can even provide you with some ISPCC branded holly pins to sell on the day.

You could raise: €50 – €300

Xmas Party

Everyone loves a Christmas party, why not make yours extra special by raising funds for Childline while you’re celebrating.

You could raise: €50 – €300

Xylophone Concert

Delight your audience with your amazing… xylophone skills while raising funds for Childline.

You could raise: €50 – €300



Year to Remember

What’s the most memorable year of your life? Why not make it this year, for all the right reasons. What could you do for a year to make a difference? Doing something for 365 days shows ultimate dedication and is a sure way to encourage people to sponsor you. But what to do? How about walking dogs every day for a year and donating the money you make? Or how about giving something up for a whole year?

You could raise: €50 – €300

Yoga Marathon

Know your tree pose from your downward dog? Lots of fundraisers use skills they already have to successfully raise money. So if you’re a self-confessed Yogi, why not run a not-for profit class? Your pupils will not only have invested in their own health, but also have the added satisfaction of knowing they’ve made a difference.

You could raise: €50 – €300

Yoyo Competition

Host a Yoyo competition to raise funds for Childline. Get the word out and with information on how to learn tricks and links to where potential participants can get yoyos. Then get them all together to see who is best.

You could raise: €50 – €300




Zumba to fundraise for Childline. Ready to feel the rhythm? Then get in touch and tell us how you would Zumba for Childline.

You could raise: €50 – €300

Zip Wire

Adrenaline junkie or willing to face a fear? There’s zip wires up and down the country and all offer a different experience. So do your research and find the challenge that is right for you (and most likely to encourage friends to sponsor you). Don’t want to organise it yourself? We have one arranged for you!

On Saturday 21st April 2018, 100 participants will take part in the world’s fastest and Europe’s longest Zip Line; and you could be one of them. Join the ISPCC for this amazing adventure day and take part in ‘Velocity’ based in Snowdonia, Wales.

You could raise: €500+

If you are interested in hosting a fundraising event for ISPCC Childline or would like more information on how to host a particular a fundraising event, please call us at any time on 1850 50 40 50 or email [email protected]