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What We Do

The Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (ISPCC) is Ireland’s national child protection charity. 
Our mission is to make the protection of children everyone’s priority.
  • We listen.  Childline is the national listening service for children and young people in Ireland, and is a confidential service run by the ISPCC, by telephone, text and online.  In 2017, over 380,000 contacts were answered by our volunteers. 
  • We support.  Our services provide children, young people and families with therapeutic support during traumatic times in their lives.  For more information on our services, click here
  • We protect. We seek to make child protection a national priority, by advising government on policy and practice change. We work with state agencies, employers, industries, schools and other organisations to build awareness of risks to children, and ensure high standards of practice.
You can help
There are approximately 90 fulltime staff members working with ISPCC around the country.
The ISPCC has a volunteer body of in excess of 600 volunteers all working to support young people in Ireland.
Read our Strategic Plan here