Being a Childline Listening Volunteer: Stephanie’s Story


The Reason I Became A Volunteer

In 2013, I had finished college and I was looking for a job at the time. I wanted to work in the area of children and youth.

A friend of mine volunteered with Childline in Limerick at the time so I decided to go to the Mayo Childline information evening.

I felt it would be great to be able to listen, empower and support those who rang Childline.

I was also thinking about doing a masters in social work and volunteering in Childline was a great opportunity to see the world through the children and young people’s eyes then compared to when I was their age. 

How Being A Volunteer Has Impacted My Life

The skills you learn and develop from volunteering are invaluable. I really noticed my communication skills and listening skills improve from the training provided by Childline.

As well as that, I’ve also made many life-long friends and I love organising and going to fundraising and social events!

The Biggest Issues Facing Children Today

The biggest issues facing children and young people today are mental health, suicidal thoughts, abuse (sexual, physical, emotional, psychological) and bullying (cyber, physical, verbal or social).

There are many other issues like sexuality, gender identity, relationships, school and covid, etc. Honestly, the issues are endless.

Your Best Moment As A Volunteer

There are many amazing moments that stick out in my mind as a volunteer.

However, listening to a child or young person about their thoughts and feelings and knowing you make a difference, no matter how big or small, is what really makes it worthwhile being a volunteer.

I have been a Childline Volunteer for nearly eight years and have absolutely loved every single minute of it. You learn so much through the training provided.

I know that we make a difference in children and young people’s lives and I am very proud to be a Childline volunteer.

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