Childline Christmas Appeal

Tom is just eleven, but with his mum gone and his dad unable to get out of bed some days, he has to be the adult in the house – for him, and his little sister Sarah.

For children, like Tom, trying to cope with isolation, loss, low self-esteem and self-harm, Christmas can be the darkest time of the year.

They urgently need to talk and hear at least one caring voice this Christmas. To realise they are not alone and there is always someone here to listen and support no matter what.

Will you give a gift to Childline today to help make sure no call goes unanswered this Christmas? Because the hardest calls are the ones we can’t get to.

What your gift will mean to a child like Tom this Christmas

Feel Listened To

“When I am down, I don’t want advice. I just want someone to listen. Knowing there is someone who listens to me really helps.”

Olivia 11, Childline service user

Feel Safe

“There is nothing more powerful to a child’s wellbeing than saying ‘You are in a safe space. I will not judge you. I’m not going anywhere. ”

Megan, Childline Volunteer

Express their emotions in a safe way

“Being able to ring Childline was like being held for a little bit. It gave me a safe space. I knew I could ring them at any time and know ‘Ok, someone’s got me.’ I could cry or release whatever I was feeling”

Kate 15, Childline service user