The Do’s and Don’ts of posting pictures of your children online

digital ready hub posting pictures of children online

Before posting those adorable pictures of your children online, there are a few things you should consider. 

Have you come across the term “sharenting” before?  

It refers to parents who share vast amounts of information about their children online in the form of photos, videos or blogs. 

Now, there’s nothing wrong with sharing a few photos of your children to your Facebook or Instagram pages, especially if you have friends or family living abroad and you want to keep them updated!  

However, there are some potential harms associated with sharenting that you might not be aware of. With that in mind, here are a few Do’s and Don’t’s to think about before posting that status! 




Do familiarise yourself with the privacy settings of each social media platform. On Facebook for example you can set who can see each of your posts!  

Don’t share your location, especially the location of your own home or your child’s school. 

Do be selective about what you post. Ask yourself would this post or photo cause your child embarrassment later on?  

Don’t share photos of your child in any state of undress.  

Do be aware that the photos you share online can be modified or shared. Be wary of sharing any photos of your child in a bedroom or bathroom setting. 

Don’t mention your child’s name on any parenting website or any public forum, especially when seeking advice about behaviour 

Do consider sending photos of your child to friends or family via email or another messaging service such as WhatsApp instead. 

Don’t use your child for any profile photos on social media platforms as these are public-facing meaning anyone can see them. 

Do give your child veto power over your posts, including images, quotes and accomplishments. 

Don’t share a photo of your child without their consent once they are old enough to give it. 

Do talk to other family members about sharing photos of your child on their own profiles. 

Don’t post pictures of other people’s children without permission. 


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