How We Can Help You Meet Your ESG Reporting Requirements

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) requirements and rules faced by companies within the EU face are complex and evolving. It’s hard to keep track of all the data and reports needed, and adapting the company culture to fit these rules isn’t always straightforward. This is where we can help

Work with us to convert your ESG challenges into impactful results. The scope our work at ISPCC, delivered through our suite of Childline supports, goes beyond helping children in distress; we also offer a broad range of services and resources for parents, families, and communities. Because of this we are excellently placed to help you achieve your ESG goals.

ESG Reporting



Our Solution for Your ESG Reporting and Goals

Many are unaware of how the ISPCC can actually help companies meet some of their ESG goals. We have an array of projects and programmes which fit within the “Social” pillar of ESG. Let us tick the boxes with you.

Working with us, supporting our initiatives, shows your company cares about important issues like child welfare while also meeting investor and customer expectations for businesses to be more socially responsible.

Our ESG Planner

We know companies already care. We want to make these additional requirements as easy for you as we can for you. Our ESG Planner, based on the ESG reporting mandate, outlines some of the opportunities available for your organization to work with us.

We can support any gaps in meeting your ESG targets and generate positive social impact together. Enter your details below to access our extensive 2024 ESG Planner to see all the ways we can work together to achieve your goals.

ESG Reporting Planner

How we can support your ESG agenda:

  • Enhanced Credibility: Partner with the ISPCC, a distinguished charity recognized nationwide, to elevate your corporate image and social impact.
  • Transparency in Practice: Our Triple Lock status from The Charities Institute of Ireland ensures accountability, with clear insights into our deployment of resources and the positive outcomes achieved.
  • Clear Objectives With Direct Social Impact: Our programmes, projects and extensive support services generate direct social impact in the community.
  • Strategic ESG Integration: Partnering with the ISPCC can be woven into your ESG strategy, providing a blueprint for social responsibility that resonates with your corporate values.
  • Comprehensive Social Reporting with Defined Metrics and Indicators: Benefit from social reporting through the lens of the ISPCC’s extensive experience and data-driven approaches.
  • Community Engagement: Explore how a partnership with the ISPCC can enhance your engagement with both internal and external stakeholders, fostering a culture of empathy and social responsibility.

Get Access to our 2024 ESG Planner

We have mapped out our current opportunities for engagement which fall within the following categories:

  • Education
  • Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion
  • Community
  • Employee Wellbeing

We look forward to collaborating with you for our mutual benefit. Get access to our 2024 opportunities planner now to help with your ESG reporting requirements.

2024 ESG Planner

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