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Lap and Chat 2024

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What is Lap and Chat 2024?

Pair up with a friend in your class and take a few laps around your yard, school or in your local area. During your lap, chat about what is on your mind and what may be worrying you. And don’t forget to listen to your friends worries during your lap.

Childline is a 24hr listening service for children and young people all across Ireland. We are here to support you on any issue no matter how big or small!

Support us on our mission to help build a nation of resilient children. Their mission is to ensure every child who wants to connect with them, can, when and how they want to

Who is it for?

For schools, clubs and creches across Ireland. Just click/tap the Sign Up button on this page and our community team will be in touch with all the information and resources you need to set up your lap and chat.

How to Take Part?

  • Click here to register your school or class!
  • We will provide a virtual school talk, reflection workbook for students, an information booklet about our school services and a completion certificate.
  • Choose a date in March or April to host a Lap and Chat! We recommend between the 18th-24th of March.
  • Inform students, parents and teachers by sending them the link to your fundraising page.
  • Your fundraising page can be added to Aladdin/Unique, shared on WhatsApp, Email, your internal school system, to your website, or to your school social media pages.
  • Ask each student to donate €5 through your schools fundraising page to take part.
  • Pair up with someone in your class or school and start your lap! Talk about what is on your mind or what might be worrying you.
  • After you Lap and Chat, complete your workbook.
  • Your donations will automatically be sent to Childline from the fundraising page. These donations will support our 24hr phone and chat line.
  • Your school will receive a certificate of completion.

Let's Be There For Any Child Who Is Alone Is Suffering Reaches Out

If you have any questions or need help on the steps above, please email [email protected]

To see the services we provide to schools nationwide, click/tap here. You will find our schools SHIELD programme, Outreach programme, Smart Moves and Youth Participation.

If you are a child or teenager and want to speak to someone, please click/tap here for more information. You will also find helpful articles on issues effecting children and young people in Ireland today

March 18 @ 8:00 am - March 24 @ 5:00 pm