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Let’s Sweat It Together

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Let’s Sweat It Together

March 27 @ 8:00 am - April 2 @ 5:00 pm

This Spring, Childline will be calling on schools (primary & secondary), businesses and individuals across the country to join us in their fundraising efforts and “let’s sweat it together.”  

From 27th March to 2nd April, we will be encouraging schools, businesses, and individuals to take time out from their day and have a lap and chat together. We will also encourage businesses to allow employees time out of their day to take on a Lap and a Chat with a friend, family member or colleague.  

Get your school or workplace involved now by registering and we’ll send you all the info you need to get involved. Time is running out so sign up now!



Lap and Chat for Individuals

We are asking individuals to ask a friend or family member to go for a walk in the park, a lap around their area, or a local trail. During their lap, chat about what is on their mind and what may be worrying them both.

Before or after your Lap and Chat, people can donate and leave a message, letting us know what they chatted about and who they went with. They can also send the link to their friend/family member to donate.

Everyone will receive a completion certificate! That can be shared through WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram to let everyone know they took on the challenge and supported Childline this Spring.

By taking part, your donation will help support Irelands only listening service of its kind for children, that can be accessed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – online, by phone or via online chat


Lap and Chat for Schools

We are asking students to pair up with a friend in their class and take a few laps around their yard, school or in their local area. During their lap, chat about what is on their mind and what may be worrying them. And don’t forget to listen to their friends worries during their lap.

After their Lap and Chat, each student will use a reflection workbook in class, and they will receive a school talk provided by Childline!

Students, teachers, and parents can give back to Childline by donating on their schools fundraising page. This can easily be added this to their schools Aladdin/Unique, school website, school’s intranet or schools social media pages.

Lap and Chat for Corporates

We are asking businesses to encourage team members to step away from their desks, log-out of their emails and take a lap of the office, down the street or nearby park and talk through any worries they may have. Don’t forget to listen to their friends worries during their lap.

We ask that each employee donates at least €10 through their company fundraising page to participate. This link can be easily sent through emails, shared on their intranet, socials, or WhatsApp.  At the end of the campaign we encourage the company to match the funds raised by the employees.