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Fundraising Application Form

Please note: Completing this form does not imply authorisation from ISPCC Childline to undertake this event on our behalf. Once ISPCC Childline receives and processes your application form, we will be in touch regarding authorising your event.

Personal Details

If No please email us on [email protected]

The Event

How will the funds be raised ?

Has this event taken place for ISPCC Childline before?

Do you need fundraising materials to support your event?



Please Note:

There is a substantial cost to ISPCC Childline to produce t-shirts, balloonsand collection buckets, please be mindful of this when ordering quantities.Please return all buckets and any t-shirts after your event to ISPCC, Po Box 13552 Dublin 8. Please do tell us about your event afterwards. Email: [email protected]


We want you to enjoy your fundraising activities and stay safe! ISPCC Childline can accept no liability for any loss, damage or injury caused during the event you undertake. ISPCC Childline’s insurance does not cover property or the property of your helpers and guests, nor does it cover your personal liability for any injury suffered by you or your event participants. You should seek independent insurance advice prior to organising your event. Remember to use common sense when it comes to health and safety. Where food is involved, please take care and work to ensure safe preparation, storage and cooking. Please follow good hygiene practices.


The Fundraiser agrees to release ISPCC Childline to the fullest extent permissible under law for claims and demands of any kind, and from all liability that may arise in respect of any damage, loss or injury occurring to any person, except where such liability arise because of the negligence of ISPCC Childline or its agents. ISPCC Childline reserves the right to terminate the agreement relating to an event at any time if it appears that there is a likelihood of the fundraiser failing to adhere to any of the above terms and conditions.

The ISPCC would like to keep your contact details to get in touch with you about our ongoing work and various fundraising initiatives.