Headbomz: Talking Makes Us Stronger

After significant research and development, ISPCC Childline is proud to introduce to you our campaign aimed at 8-11 year-olds: Talking Makes us Stronger – featuring Headbomz: a brain-poppingly fun way to remind children that talking builds emotional resilience.

Headbomz describe the indescribable; the things that might make children feel like their head is going to burst. The questions, thoughts, worries or feelings that they don’t quite know how to deal with or talk about. By describing these as Headbomz, we can start more conversations about how to get rid of them.

The series includes the much-praised Headbomz: Wreckin’ yer head book by award-winning author Oisín McGann, the two-minute Headbomz video, schools packs including our squisher squad cards and stickers, and downloadable colouring pages and worksheets based on the materials.

The full suite of materials is available at our companion site www.headbomz.ie and will be integrated into our www.childline.ie and www.ispcc.ie sites over the coming months.

This entire campaign was made possible thanks to Childline’s partnership with the Vodafone Ireland Foundation.

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