Homework/Life Balance – make sure your child knows that school isn’t everything!

Having a child who is dedicated to their schoolwork might sound like a dream to a lot of parents but it’s not always the healthiest thing for them.

Like everything, a good balance of academic interest and hobbies is what will serve your child best in the long run.

Regardless of what they want to do at college, it’s important to show them that building and nurturing relationships with friends or people they meet through hobbies are events will also stand to them as they navigate adult life.

For example, you might need a strong academic record to become a good doctor but in order to be a great doctor, you also need to have a good bedside manner to back it up. And unfortunately, you can’t learn that from a book!

Here are a few tips to help engage a child who may be spending too much time studying:

  • Show an interest – Rather than dismissing your child’s work ethic as ‘excessive’, make a cup of tea and ask them why they are so passionate about a particular subject or career path.
    Not only will it get them away from their books for twenty minutes, but it will also help you better understand their motivation.


  • Give them options – There’s very little use in telling a teen or tweenager to get out in the fresh air if they’re not interested in doing it. They don’t see the point and therefore, won’t do it. Instead, suggest going for a walk on the beach or doing a short run around the local park or even an upcycling project in the back garden!


  • Help them connect – You may not understand your child’s desire to study all the time but others will! Go online or ask your parent friends about book clubs or study groups that your child could join that will introduce them to fun and discussion with like-minded people.


  • Teach them life skills – If your child responds well to learning, explain that they will need particular life skills to be successful and happy as they age. These could be anything from using the washing machine to cooking a basic healthy dinner or showing them how to plan an event.

Whatever it is, let them know that this will be just as beneficial (if not more so) in the long run as their Geography or Biology exam!

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