How to keep children and grandparents connected while social distancing

Grandparents play a crucial role in your child’s life: whether it’s by helping to care for them at busy times or by being a reliable source of sweets, treats and love!

But despite the vaccine rollout and easing of restrictions, it’s important to keep people safe and luckily, there are many ways to keep your child’s relationship with their grandparents strong.

Here are a few ideas:

Send homemade cards to your grandparents

One heartwarming and tech-free way of keeping your children in touch with their grandparents is by making letters and cards.

Grab some paper, colouring pencils and other art materials and set aside some time with your children to draw pictures and write messages to their grandparents. 

This activity also doubles as a fun craft session for children of all ages and helps them to cope with any worries they have about their grandparents.

The benefits definitely outweigh the risk of glitter getting all over the kitchen table!

Phone call

Downloading an app or joining a video call might be difficult or stressful for older grandparents. This stress might add to their feelings of isolation during lockdown. 

So, make it easy by calling them on their landline or mobile. 

Your child might also appreciate the opportunity to be the ‘grown-up’ holding your phone and telling their grandparents what they’ve been up to at home.

Set up virtual fun and games for the whole family

If grandparents know how to join video calls and communicate with apps, there are lots of creative ways to stay in touch. 

Baking lessons, Zoom quizzes, virtual bedtime stories or simply catching up are just some of the activities that the whole family can enjoy.

Send your grandparents a care package

Granny or Granddad might expect grocery deliveries each week, but why not cheer them up with something a bit more personal? 

Work with your child to think of things their grandparents would love to receive, such as a bouquet of flowers, a photo album of their family, or their favourite chocolates. Put your best ideas into a care package or send them to their address. 

Grandparents will love these personalised gifts – no matter how small they are.

Keep them in mind

When finding activities to keep children and grandparents in touch, always focus on making plans for next time.

Routine is important to children and the elderly, especially at a time when life takes unexpected turns. Before ending each call, ask grandparents when they’d like to chat again.

Lastly, understand the frustrations of your family members. Younger children might not understand why they’re not allowed to see Granny and Granddad and could feel disillusioned about more lonely weeks ahead. 

Listen to their fears and worries, and remind them that this is temporary. 

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