ISPCC Christmas Appeal 2019

When a little voice calls out this Christmas, will you be there to answer?

‘Hello’ says a trembling little voice, barely there….

… like many of the children I speak to here at Childline, Luke is afraid.

Gently, I tell Luke that he doesn’t have to tell me anything he doesn’t want to. That it’s lovely to speak with him. And slowly, he calms down and begins to tell me about himself…

In that moment, Luke is just like any other little boy, telling me about his favourite story.

You might see Luke in the cherished children in your own life… your son, nephew, grandson… he’s a sweet little boy like any other.

He doesn’t deserve any of what is happening to him.


Please, will you send urgent help this Christmas to make sure we can always be there for children like Luke?

You see, since Luke’s dad died, his world has been turned upside down.

His voice gets smaller and he tells me in a whisper that since then his mammy has started drinking.

Her new partner moved in recently. And now, ‘home’ is no longer the safe place it once was…

It’s only thanks to the kindness of people like you, who keep Childline open 24 hours a day, that Luke can pick up the phone and speak to me at all. That he can tell me, and other specially trained volunteers her, his ‘secret’.

For many children, who have been sworn to secrecy by their abusers, picking up the phone and dialing our number is often the very first step in getting the support and help they so badly need.

Little Luke now lives in the shadows…

He’s safer there he’s learned because his mam’s new man takes his anger out on Luke…

… and he has the bruises to prove it.

He’s too afraid to show anyone because he thinks they will call him a liar. After all – who will believe me more than a grown up?

Today, you have the opportunity to help make sure that Luke and other children’s cries do not go unanswered this Christmas. Make a donation now.

You can help Childline be there for every Luke who dials our number in despair. Please, will you send urgent help this Christmas?

I tell you about Luke not to upset you. But because when I ask for your help today, I need you to know why your generous support of Childline is so very important – especially this Christmas…

Because over 1,000 children are expected to call Childline for support on Christmas Day alone.

That’s why I’m hoping with all my heart I can count on you to be there for every child who reaches out to Childline this Christmas – day or night.


Please… rush your gift today so that when a child in Ireland calls out for help this Christmas, a caring voice will answer. Donate now.

For the children, I thank you in advance for your generosity.

Sarah D. ISPCC Childline Volunteer


Ps. Even when a child like Luke feels he has nobody else, your support will help make sure there is always somewhere he can turn.

Help ensure Childline is here for children on Christmas Day and every day.

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