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Jennifer Hourigan

“I work in the ISPCC’s fundraising team as Donor Care Coordinator. Fundraising is essential to the ISPCC as it makes up almost 80 per cent of the organisation’s income. I am responsible for the fundraising donor database and individual giving income.

 I worked in the Cork Opera House (not on stage, unfortunately!) for six years before joining the ISPCC as a regional administrator in 2006. This was a busy, varied role which taught me a lot about the organisation and helped me grow my skills areas such as office management, database management, report writing, event management and planning.

I studied with the Accounting Technicians of Ireland and this helped me to realise where my skill set lies and my love for financial reporting, data analytics – anything to do with data and numbers, really. I took on the Donor Care Coordinator role in 2014, and knew immediately this was a perfect fit for me.

I have seen the ISPCC grow over the last number of years and the organisation’s ability to keep up with – and more often ahead of – the constantly-changing environment that we work in never ceases to amaze me. Every-day I am blown away by the huge support we get from the people of Ireland for our work and their trust in what we do. When donors support our services regularly, because they are aware that we could not do this without them, I know that what I do on a day-to-day basis – nurturing these relationships, recruiting new donors and respecting their personal data and communication preferences – contributes to the positive impact we are making on children and families in Ireland.”