ISPCC receives funding to help Ukrainian families


ISPCC is delighted to announce that we have been awarded funding for our work addressing the traumas endured by Ukrainian children and families through Theraplay

Theraplay is a directed structured play group that incorporates playful, cooperative and nurturing activities that enhance the emotional well-being of children and parents.

At ISPCC, we are acutely aware of the trauma that Ukrainian families coming to Ireland have endured and continue to endure. All our Childline Therapeutic Supports utilise trauma-informed practice. We know that understanding how to minimise the mental and emotional affects that has on children, young people and their families is paramount – not only immediately upon arrival, but within the following months and years.

All our Childline services strive to increase children and young people’s psychological resilience. The Theraplay group work is one such method which can incorporate working with parents as well as children and young people.

The funds have been awarded to ISPCC by the Community Foundation for Ireland, the Department of Rural and Community Development and Ireland for Ukraine.

Thanks to this very generous funding, we will be able to complete four Theraplay groups. The groups consist of eight children per group and their parents or guardians. The sessions will take place in south county Dublin, with one group completed every quarter. It is aimed at children aged five to 12 years.

In Theraplay, all learning takes place on a non-verbal level, making it an ideal and inclusive programme for Ukrainian families to participate in, minimising any language barrier. It is a positive, practical programme which is designed to be engaging and fun, and we look forward to starting the sessions as soon as possible.

At ISPCC, we are here for every child, whatever’s on their mind and we know that the Ukrainian refugees coming to Ireland require much support.

Childline has also updated its extensive suite of services to accommodate the growing number of children, young people and families seeking refuge in Ireland.

The funding that we have received will enable us to work collaboratively with services and agencies within accommodation centres to identify Ukrainian children, young people and their families who are in need of emotional and well-being support, and will benefit from Theraplay.

Theraplay allows Ukrainian children to develop an understanding of what they have been through and how they can cope better going forward. Coupled with this, it focusses on strengthening the parent/child relationship. We believe by reinforcing this relationship families will be more resilient to successfully transition into communities across Ireland.

Working with these families at an early stage of their journey in Ireland allows us to signpost them to Childline areas that can be of immediate support and future support within their new communities across Ireland. We want all Ukrainian families that need our help to be able to access it.

The objectives of this work are to increase beneficiaries’ psychological resilience within three specific areas; increased self-esteem, increased self-regulation and increased social inclusion.

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