ISPCC Recommends Programme For Those Supporting Children Through Anxiety

The ISPCC is happy to recommend a new programme which has been developed by psychologist and ISPCC Childline Ambassador David Coleman and Anokha Learning and which is available now to help those supporting children to cope with anxiety.

‘Scared Kids. Helping Children to Cope With Anxiety’ is the title of a course designed for those who either live with children, care for children or work with children. It aims to instill a sense of confidence in participants and leave them with a set of skills, techniques and ideas which they can use to help children with anxiety – as well as addressing any personal adult anxiety.

Clinical psychologist and ISPCC Childline Ambassador David Coleman, who is known as the presenter of hit RTE television series’ including Families in Trouble, 21st Century Child, Teens in the Wild and Families in the Wild and Bullyproof, is an Adjunct Associate Professor at the School of Psychology, UCD and practices as a clinical psychologist specialising in working with children, young people and families.

A number of ISPCC Childline staff members recently completed the course and reported positively on their experience.

ISPCC Childline Director of Services, Caroline O’Sullivan, said: “This course will be really beneficial to any person, parent and / or professional who is concerned about a child’s level of anxiety.

“I found the content both engaging and practical, delivered at a good pace with just the right amount of detail. The use of case studies throughout really engages the participant in the key learning.

“Following this course the participant will have a better understanding of anxiety, recognising that anxiety can be a good thing. They will also have some really useful tools to assist them in supporting children to work through their anxiety and develop coping skills.”

ISPCC Childline Manager Emma McCluskey said: “I found the online learning experience fantastic and really easy. It was so beneficial for work and training in sharing concepts with service volunteers”.

Childline Regional Supervisor Mary Nolan Durkan said: “My feedback could only be positive. I particularly found the learnings around the brain very interesting. I feel that I have gained practical tips, tricks and ideas from this course and come away with a deeper understanding of children’s emotions”.

ISPCC Childline staff who undertook the course also praised how the sessions flowed and were brought to life with the aid of engaging case studies.

ISPCC Childline is happy to recommend this programme to any individual parenting, caring for, living with or working with children.

‘Scared Kids. Helping Children to Cope With Anxiety’ is available now here.

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